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Rush - 1994-03-11 - Worcester, MA (SBD/SHN)

(Soundboard SHN)

Rush - Welcome To Our Town
Media: 2 CDr
Time: 46:23, 46:15
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR-31194
Source: Soundboard (Unknown Low Gen)
Quality: EX-/EX
Date: March 11, 1994
Location: The Centrum, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

01 - Intro 1:48
02 - Dreamline 5:07
03 - The Spirit Of Radio 5:00
04 - The Analog Kid 5:44
05 - Cold Fire 4:34
06 - Time Stand Still 6:01
07 - Nobody's Hero 5:11
08 - Roll The Bones 6:10
09 - Animate 6:48

01 - Stick It Out 6:19
02 - Double Agent 4:53
03 - Limelight 4:34
04 - Mystic Rhythms 5:54
05 - Closer To The Heart 5:43
06 - Show Don't Tell 5:27
07 - Leave That Thing Alone 5:57
08 - The Rhythm Method 7:28
Comments and Reviews:

The Digital Dan
(Audio - 8.5)

Ah, finally the soundboard from the Worcester show has been found, this time a much better source! So this release is much better than "A Tale of Two" and highly recommended. While it is not as good as "Darkness and Light" and "Animated", it is still quite good and sounds excellent. It is still from an analog source so there is a little hiss, nothing out of the ordinary. Just hope that someday we will find the DAT source for this show. The only other detraction is that there is a weird tape problem at the very end of "Double Agent" where the tape seemed like it was stretched. The funny thing is, it actually sounds like it could be an intentional way to end the song, though I doubt that would be true. Once again, it is only 3/4 of the show and we lose everything after the drum solo.

Ron's Rush RoIO Review
(Grade: A-)
This set is a relatively rare soundboard show. I’ ve heard folks rank this one up there with “ Mirrors,” but really, it’s nowhere near that good. The problem is that there’s a lot of crossfading, which really detracts from the overall package. It’s still a good show, worthy of a high grade, but this is NOT the definitive Counterparts show. Also, the last half hour of the concert is missing.

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