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Peter Tosh - 1979-03-14 - Washington DC (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Peter Tosh
The Bayou
Washington DC

Source: WHFS FM > Master Cassette (master;M Tryon)
Transfer: Tascam 112 mkII > Gold Plated Monster Cables > SB Audigy 2 > Sound Forge 24 bit@44.1kHz;Dithered to 16 bit;Highpass Triangular> CD Wave > Flac (Dub Irie)

Quality: A
File Size: 453 Mb

This is a really nice quality radio recording from one of the great hometown radio stations of all time - WHFS Bethesda, Md. A classic Peter Tosh show.
- Dub Irie

01 400 Years
02 Stepping Razor
03 Pick Myself Up
04 You Are an African
05 Funeral
06 Drums and Talk
07 Soon Come
08 I'm The Toughest
09 Dangerous
10 Walk Don't Run
11 Get Up Stand Up
12 Legalize It

Total Time: 72:53

The question has been raised about the actual date of this show - the 13th or the 14th. I do not believe there were two shows as etree indicates and I am sticking with the date on the tape that I remastered this from. This would be show Id 109602 on etree.

An alternative version of this show recorded by Rob Berger exists. Both versions of this show are very good quality. I prefer this recording for its more dynamic fidelity. Also, there was a WHFS interview with Peter Tosh (Berger version) done the same day, can be seeded by me as well.

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