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Joy Division - 1980-04-02/03 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Joy Division 
First Two Nights (of 3) at the Moonlight Club, London 
(from waterisnat's M2 sources) 
April 2, 1980 / April 3, 1980 

Source: M2 cassettes as seeded on DAD by waterisnat in 2005 
Lineage: ??? - FLAC - Adobe Audition (pitch correction, EQ, re-tracking at 32bit resolution, then dithered to 16bit) - FLAC level 5 

01 The Sound Of Music 
02 Wilderness 
03 Colony 
04 Love Will Tear Us Apart 
05 A Means To An End 
06 Transmission 
07 Dead Souls 
08 Sister Ray (not included here because of official release on Still) 

01 Love Will Tear Us Apart 
02 Glass 
03 Digital 
04 Heart And Soul 
05 Isolation 
06 Disorder 
07 Atrocity Exhibition 
08 Atmosphere 

Two *amazing* audience-sourced shows made even better. You want, no, you NEED to grab these if you pulled either the M2s last year as seeded by waterisnat, or the other Moonlight package (of lesser quality) also seeded by waterisnat earlier this year. Both have been pitch-corrected, both have been re-EQ'ed to shine. It is my opinion that these sets are the finest audience tapes of Joy Division to have been unearthed to date - the only way they could be better is if a master, master clone or M1 surfaces. I believe the sound of these tapes easily outshines any of the Duncan shows (the more common taper for gigs such as the Lyceum, Bournemouth, etc). 

Highlights include the "bar band" version of LWTUA on the 2nd (Ian: "You can tell we've not rehearsed for a while", with Bernard chipping in "First time we've played that all on guitars!" and Ian laughing afterwards), the amazing "greatest hits" set in its entirety on the 3rd (a rare outing for Glass, a smashing Disorder, a haunting Atrocity Exhibition, ...), the blistering Transmission on the 2nd... 

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