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Mark Knopfler - 2010-04-13 - Oakland, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Paramount Theater

Recorded from Row H seat 110
Schoeps MK4 w/ NBox->Tascam DR-100 24Bit 48K (Thx Nick for use of the NBox)
Soundforge 10.0B to track split and resample
Traders Little Helper for Conversion to Flac

01 - Border Reiver
02 - Why Aye Man
03 - What It Is
04 - Sailing To Philadelphia
05 - Coyote
06 - Remembrance Day
07 - Hill's Farmer Blues
08 - Romeo & Juliet
09 - Sultans Of Swing (4 piece)
10 - Donegan's Gone
11 - Get Lucky
12 - Band Intros
13 - Marbletown (Cut where I got popped)
14 - Speedway At Nazareth
15 - Telegraph Road
16 - Encore Break
17 - So Far Away
18 - Brothers In Arms
19 - Encore Break
20 - Piper To The End

Really nice recording except for one problem.  On Mark Knopfler's website it says recording is permitted.  I had my "teacher's note" printout and I figured I didn't need to be on my A game stealth wise.  I was checking levels and not being as discreet. During Marbletown a stupid older woman usher saw me with it and starting giving me a hard time.  I gave her the printout and off she went.  A minute or two later she comes back with security and they take me off.  He says no recording and I am arguing. I said ask someone on the board.  He gets his boss who is this dumby fa chick with a walkie talkie who proceeds to tell me "good recorders are not allowed and that is a good recorder".  Never did she see the mics, preamp or any other cables.  She wouldn't know a good recorder is it hit her beside the head.  Told me show was almost over and  they would let me return to my seat and not make me erase the files.  I went back to  my seat, plugged the recorder back in and went stealth.  Marbletown is missing three  minutes maybe four but the cut is not bad at all.  Last time I don't go stealth regardless of policies.

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