sabato 20 luglio 2019

Led Zeppelin - 1969-03-15 - Copenhagen, DK (AUD/FLAC) "Teen Club"

(Audience FLAC)

Led Zeppelin
1969.03.15 [Afternoon Show]
Egegard Skole,Copenhagen, Denmark
Teen Club

Audience Recording - Unknown Taper - No Label

Lineage: 2nd gen > DAT > CDR
Additional Lineage: FLAC > TLH > 
Tested for SBE's > FLAC Level 8
Tracks re-named by 3hrs, and new FFP/MD5 files created.

01 - The Train Kept-A-Rollin'
02 - I Can't Quit You Baby
03 - As Long As I Have You
04 - You Shook Me
05 - Communication Breakdown

These were treed years ago by the great RFD. I do not know the number of DAT copies in the lineage. I do know there is no CDR copy in the lineage of my discs, think that 3/15/69 DAT came from the taper & know that the bootleg company EVSD stole this from the tree. The files were extracted from Kodak Gold CDRs with EAC V0.95 beta 4 & converted with FLAC Frontend 113b at Level 8.

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