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Eric Clapton - 2018-10-07 - New York, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Eric Clapton 
Oct 7, 2018 
Madison Square Garden 
New York, NY

Recorded by: Mr. Railing 
Source: AT943cards>MM-AT-1>H2n(24/48) 
Transfer: wavelab>r8b>cdwav>TLH(8)>flac 
Location: Mics split 3 feet, Sec 301 Row 1, on ledge using popsicle sticks. 

01 Somebody's Knocking 
02 Key to the Highway 
03 I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man 
04 I Shot the Sheriff 
05 Driftin' Blues 
06 Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out 
07 Layla 
08 Tears in Heaven 
09 White Room 
10 Wonderful Tonight 
11 Crossroads 
12 Little Queen of Spades 
13 Cocaine 
14 - encore break - 
15 High Time We Went (with Gary Clark Jr. and Jimmy Vaughan) 

Enclosed some pics of the setup. It works excellent, especially since I can't spend the whole show at the seats due to my ears. Recording still sounds nice, but Gremlins got to my setup and rendered my battery box unusable. So for this recording, I removed SP-SPSB-10(battery box) from the source because the mics were plugged directly into the attenuator cable(MM-AT-1). This messed with the clarity, high ends and crispness I usually achieve as the mics were overloaded on the low end. 

And when I say Gremlins, I mean a big stupid one - myself! Nothing but 100% human error. Both my mics and battery box have the same jack and like a total idiot I plugged the battery box into itself. Doh! I build a three foot wide split masterpiece using popsicle sticks and after all that I can't connect my gear together properly. I could tell something was off with the levels. I checked all the connections again but somehow didn't realize until I got home and started to disassemble everything and saw what I did. Suffice it to say, I am pissed at myself. I dropped the ball and made a rookie mistake. Taping will humble you that way, so many things can go wrong. Live and learn. At least I'll never do it again. Oh yeah, I also turned the recorder off by accident and cut about 5 seconds from Key to the Highway around 13 seconds into the song. One of those nights. 

** A Mr. Railing recording **

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