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Jackson Browne - 1974-03-13 - Worcester, MA (pre-FM/FLAC)

(pre-FM FLAC)

WCUW radio master reel > played on Revox reel deck, recorded on Tascam cassette deck (no dolby) onto Maxell XLII cassette >
soundforge 4.5 > FLAC 6

Jackson Browne: guitar, piano and vocals
David Lindley: violin
Andrew Gold: guitar, backing vocals
Bob Warford: guitar
Kenny Edwards: bass
Doug Haywood: bass
Larry Zack: drums
Linda Ronstadt: vocals (starting on track 6)

Atwood Hall at
Clark University

01: take it easy 5:09
02: don't lead me on 4:10
03: our lady of the well 7:50
04: song for Adam 9:21
05: Jamaica say you will 6:47
06: ready or not 3:59
07: talk and tuning 2:58
08: for everyman 6:25
09: rock me on the water 6:08
10: the road and the sky 5:08
11: doctor my eyes 6:33
12: redneck friend 4:54
13: sweet little sixteen 2:51
14: one more song (with Linda Ronstadt) 6:35

runtime: 78:55

performance quality: very good recording quality: the music is A, but the between song talk has a little noise, mainly because Browne talks rather quietly (compared to the volume of everything else.) When he's singing, he comes through clearly. source: 1st generation sbd tape

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