giovedì 9 aprile 2020

Fleetwood Mac - 1972-03-10 - Seattle, WA (FM/FLAC)



Bob Welch: Guitar and Vocals 
Danny Kirwin: Vocals And Guitar 
Christine McVie: Keyboards and Vocals 
John McVie: Bass 
Mick Fleetwood: Drums 

01 Tell Me All The Things You Do 
02 Future Games 
03 Get Like You Used To Be 
04 Little Child Of Mine 
05 Spare Me A Little 
06 Homeward Bound 
07 Black Magic Woman 
08 Oh! Well 

Runtime about 55 minutes

Notes by the taper/trader:
I have this on an old TDK SA C-90 tape that I got from a west coast trader, back when the show was first broadcast. My original tape says KISW on it and I am guessing that this is the radio station that broadcast the show. I know that this was part of a show that included Savoy Brown, Long John Baldry and F. Mac. I do have the Baldry part of the show, but have not come across the Savoy Brown set, yet. I'll put the Long John part up another time.

Before I go any further, I have to point out that Ken, from HITWITSTUFF2, made this possible. If you are not familiar with the whole Hitwitstuff2 MOOSETRACKS collection story, then hop on over to his page and read all about it. I responded to his queries and Ken and I hit it off. I ended up sending some of my original tapes for him to transfer to CD and for me to upload for your listening pleasure. Without him, none of this would be possible. He did about 10 shows for me to upload here over the next few weeks. These have been in my basement, gathering dust, for the last 33 years or so. What will be posted here, are my original tapes. So stay tuned. You will see some amazing stuff showing up here over the next little while.Back in the day, I was very active taping shows and trading around the country and over in Europe. 

This is a line up that you don't see often. Jeremy Spencer had taken off for parts unknown and Bob Welch was brought in to replace him. Not long after this show, Danny Kirwan was fired. Just one of the many lin ups over the years.

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