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Guitar Legends - 1991-11-15/16/17/18/19 - Sevilla, ES (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

EXPO '92 

Blues Night , (15.11.1991 - Sevilla,Spain)

720?480 (4?3)
Dolby Digital (AC3)

Albert Collins - Guitar,Vocal
Robert Cray - Guitar,Vocal
Steve Cropper - Guitar,Vocal
Bo Diddley - Guitar,Vocal
Dave Edmunds - Guitar,Vocal
B.B. King - Guitar,Vocal

01 Sabre Dance -Dave Edmunds
02 Standing At The Crossroards -Dave Edmunds w/Steve Cropper
03 Phone Booth -Robert Cray
04 No Love In My Heart -Robert Cray
05 The Dream -Robert Cray,Albert Collins
06 Mr. Collins,Mr. Collins -Albert Collins w/Dave Edmunds,Steve Cropper
07 Ice Man -Albert Collins w/Dave Edmunds,Steve Cropper
08 Travellin' South -w/Dave Edmunds,Steve Cropper
09 Dock Of The Bay -Steve Cropper w/Dave Edmunds,Robert Cray
10 Green Onion -Steve Cropper w/Dave Edmunds
11 Bo Diddley -Bo Diddley w/Steve Cropper
12 I'm A Man -Bo Diddley w/Steve Cropper
13 Who Do You Love -Bo Diddley w/Dave Edmunds,Steve Cropper
14 Movin On -B.B. King w/Dave Edmunds,Steve Cropper
15 Back In L.A -B.B. King w/Dave Edmunds,Steve Cropper
16 The Thrill Is Gone -B.B. King w/Dave Edmunds,Steve Cropper
17 The Tribute Blues -all Stars




Fusion , (16.11.1991 - Sevilla,Spain)

Miles Davis Tribute Tour

720?480 (4?3)
Dolby Digital (AC3)

George Duke - Keys
Ray Brown - Bass
Dennis Chambers - Drums
Ray Cooper - Percussion
Guitars - [George Benson, Larry Coryell, John MClaughlin, Paco De Lucia]
Stanley Clark - Bass
Rickie Lee Jones - Vocals
Horns & Percussion - [George Bohanon, Ray Cooper, Sal Demandi, Dominque Di PIazza, Brandon Fields, Trilok Gurtu, Everett Harp, Larry Kimpell, John Leftwich, Bryan Simpson]

02.All Blues -George Benson
03.In A Silent -Way John McLaughlin
04.So What -Larry Coryell
05.Concerto De Aranjuez -Paco De Lucia
06.Tutu (Stanley -Clark
07.School Days -Clark & Coryell
08.Bolero -Larry Coryell
09.El Panuelo -Paco De Lucia
10.Que Algeria -McLaughlin
11.Zyryab -McLaughlin & Paco De Lucia
12.Dat Dere -Rickie Lee Jones & Coryell
13.Valdez In The Country -George Benson
14.Being With You -George Benson
15.Eighty One -all star jam



Experimental Concert , (17.11.1991 - Sevilla,Spain)

720?480 (4?3)
Dolby Digital (AC3)

Joe Cocker - Vocal
Jack Bruce - Bass,Vocal
Keith Richards - Guitar,Vocal
Bob Dylan - Guitar,Vocal
Phil Manzanera - Guitar
Robert Cray - Guitar,Vocal
Steve Cropper - Guitar
Dave Edmonds - Guitar

Steve Jordan - Drums
Simon Phillips - Drums
Ray Cooper - Percussion
Chuck Leavell - Keyboard
Pino Paradino - Bass
Vincent Amigo
Miguel Bose
Richard Thompson
Ivan Neville

01 Sunshine Of Your Love - Jack Bruce
02 Leyenda - Phil Manzanera
03 Southern Cross -Phil Manzanera
04 Sphinx -Phil Manzanera
05 Keep Your Hat On -Joe Cocker
06 Night Calls -Joe Cocker
07 Unchain My Heart
08 City Of Gold -Jack Bruce
09 White Room -Jack Bruce
10 All Along The Watch Tower -Bob Dylan
11 Boots Of Spanish Leather -Bob Dylan
12 Along The Borderline -Bob Dylan
13 Answer Me -Bob Dylan
14 Shake Rattle 'n' Roll -Keith Richards
15 Going Down -Keith Richards
16 Something Else -Keith Richards
17 Connection -Keith Richards
18 Can't Turn You Loose -All Star Jam



Folk Rock Concert , (18.11.1991 - Sevilla,Spain)

720?480 (4?3)
Dolby Digital (AC3)

Roger Waters - Bass,Vocal
Roger McGuinn - Guitar,Vocal
Robbie Robertson - Guitar,Vocal
Richard Thompson - Guitar,Vocal
Les Paul - Guitar

Bruce Hornsby – Keyb, voc
Manu Katche – Drums
Tony Levin – Bass
Snowie White - Guitar
Andy Fairweatherlow – Guitar
Graham Broad – Drums
Patrick Leonard – Keyb
Peter Wood - Keyb
Katie Kissoon – Backing voc
Doreen Chanter – Backing voc

01. Turn Turn Turn -Roger McGuinn
02. Eight Miles High -Roger McGuinn
03. Keep Your Distance -Richard Thompson
04. Jerusalem On The Juke Box -Richard Thompson
05. Brazil -Les Paul
06. How High The Moon -Les Paul
07. Go Back To Your Woods -Robbie Robertson
08. What About Now -Robbie Robertson
09. The Weight -Robbie Robertson
10. Shake This Town -Robbie Robertson
11. In The Flesh II -Roger Waters
12. Brick In The Wall II -Roger Waters
13. Brain Damage/Eclipse -Roger Waters
14. Comfortably Numb -Roger Waters
15. Running & Hiding -all stars




Hard Rock Concert , (19.11.1991 - Sevilla,Spain)

720?480 (4?3)
Dolby Digital (AC3)

Brian May - Guitar,Vocal
Joe Satriani - Guitar,Vocal
Steve Vai - Guitar
Nuno Bettencourt - Guitar
Joe Walsh - Guitar,Vocal
Paul Rogers - Vocal
Gary Cherone - Vocal

Nathen East - Bass
Steve Ferrone - Drums
Neil Murray - Bass
Cozy Powell - Drums
Rick Wakeman - Keyboard

01. Satch Boogie -Satriani
02. Surfing With Alien -Satriani
03. Always With Me Always With You -Satriani
04. Big Bad Moon -Satriani, May
05. Liberty -Vai, May
06. Greasy Kids Stuff -Vai
07. For The Love Of God -Vai
08. More Than Words -Bettencourt, Cherone
09. Driven By You -May, Vai
10. Guitar Solo -May
11. Tie Your Mother Down -May, Vai, Satriani
12. Funk #49 -Walsh
13. Rocky Mountain Way -Walsh,May,Vai,Satriani
14. All Right Now -Paul Rogers, May, Vai, Satriani
15. Now I'm Here -May, Cherone, Vai, Satriani
16. Hey Joe -Paul Rogers,Brian May,Steve Vai,Joe Satriani,Nuno Bettencourt,Joe Walsh


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