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The Police - 1982-03-22 - Austin, TX (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

The Police 
Austin, TX 
Frank Erwin Center 
22 Mar 1982 

Sometimes mislabeled as "Special Events Center". 

Time: 20:00 
Support act: 

Length: 90' 
Source: Mono Audience 
Quality: 8 
Origin: Matteo Foa' 

Lineage: Audience>?>1x C90 cassette(?) 
Conversion: Cass(?)>Nakamichi Dragon>CD-RW700>coax>M-Audio FireWire 410>coolpro>cdwav>FLAC (level 8 w/ verify) 
The CD-RW700 is used only for the A/D conversion and is a pass-through. 
There is no DAE in the lineage/conversion 
Conversion by: Carlo Bolchini 1/May/2005 
Size: 901 MB 
Compressed: 585 MB 

Disc 1 (tape side A) 43:51: 
01) Voices inside my head [fades in] 
02) Message in a bottle 
03) Don't stand so close to me 
04) Spirits in the material world 
05) Hungry for you (Jaurais toujour fam de toi) 
06) When the world is running down .... 
07) The bed's too big without you 
08) De do do do de da da da 
09) Demolition man 
10) Shadows in the rain 

Disc 2 (tape side B) 45:26: 
01) Walking on the moon [fades in] 
02) Bring on the night 
03) One world (not three) 
04) Invisible sun 
05) Roxanne 

06) Don't stand so close to me 
07) Can't stand losing you / Reggatta de blanc / Be my girl 
08) So lonely [cut] 

Nice average recording, with average hiss from a very old tape. There is some flanging effect on side B of the tape (disc 2), possibly due to the tape age. Stewart and Sting aren't too much synchronized at the start of Can't stand.. 

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