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Brian Auger - 1967-1973 - BBC recordings (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

with Trinity and the Oblivion Express


2nd and 3rd generation GEDEBA cassette copy>played back on NAKAMICHI CR 7e (azimuth aligned !-dolby off)--> edirol 09 (16-44)->HD (2009) --->level adjustments in audacity->cdwave-splitting tracks -flac (8)

Trinity recordings are from 1967 to 1969 TOP OF THE POPS

Oblivion Express recordings are from 1971 to 1973 TOP GEAR

despite research in ken gardeners book on bbc sessions "in session tonight" exact dates could not be established
everything is FM /3rd gen except where noted

trinity --? unknown session--

02 just got some
03 i wanna take you higher

oblivion express -- totp-- 1971-1973 ?
04 on the road
05 daytripper
06 truth
07 freedom jazz dance

trinity -totp-
08 shadows of you
09 it's a kind of knowing
10 tiger
11 lovin you
12 why i am treated so bad
13 let the sunshine in
14 indian rope man
15 shadows of you
16 wheels on fire

top gear 1968-10-07 fm/2 (bc68-10-27)
17 old jim crow
18 i'm not thinking
19 road to cairo
20 lonesome hobo

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