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Jeff Lynne's ELO - 2016-05-05 - Oberhausen, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Bootleg Title:
Roll Over Oberhausen

Venue City Country Date
Koenig Pilsener Arena, Oberhausen, Germany, 2016-05-05


(Photographs taken by Metamarc at the gig)

Audience Recording / Exc.


SP-CMC-8 (Croakie Mount) > CHURCH AUDIO CA UGLY 2 STEREO PREAMP > NAGRA PICO > WAV to FLAC conversion with Traders Little Helper - ffp with Traders Little Helper -Torrent file with Maketorrent; equalized with Har-Bal; tweaked with Adobe Audition 2.0 and BBE Harmonic Maximizer; cleaned and enhanced with iZotope RX5

Jeff Lynne - vocals, guitars
Milton McDonald – lead guitar, vocals
Mike Stevens – guitar, vocals
Lee Pomeroy – bass guitar
Marcus Byrne – keyboards
Bernie Smith – keyboards
Donavan Hepburn – drums
Rosie Langley – violin
Amy Langley - cello
Jess Cox - cello
Iain Hornal – backing vocals, guitar
Melanie Lewis-McDonald – backing vocals

01 Intro
02 Tightrope
03 Evil Woman
04 Showdown
05 All Over The World
06 When I Was A Boy
07 Living Thing
08 Strange Magic
09 Rockaria!
10 10538 Overture
11 Secret Messages
12 Shine A Little Love
13 Band Introduction
14 Wild West Hero
15 Telephone Line
16 Turn To Stone
17 Don't Bring Me Down
18 Sweet Talkin' Woman
19 Mr. Blue Sky
20 Encore Break
21 Roll Over Beethoven

A nice and energetic show with loads of screaming and can he dare to leave out Can't get it out of my head...inexcusable... sound was quite muddy in the hall. I did my best to improve it. Check out the sample and most of all: Enjoy!

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