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U2 - 2001-05-31 - Buffalo, NY (ALD/AUD/MTX/FLAC)


U2 - There Are Places I Remember 
Thursday May 31, 2001 
HSBC Arena 
Buffalo, New York 

Source: ALD/AUD Matrix 
1. ALD > Sony D8 (probably analogue Transfer) > wav 
2. Coresound Mics > Sony D8 > CDR(x2) > SHN 

Disc One 
01 Trippy Elevation Mix (AUD only) 
02 Elevation (first :16 AUD only) 
03 Beautiful Day 
04 Until The End Of The World 
05 Even Better Than The Real Thing 
06 Mysterious Ways 
07 Bono thanks the Mosers - John Lennon 
08 In My Life 
09 Stuck In A Moment 
10 Kite 
11 Gone 
12 New York 
13 I Will Follow 
14 Sunday Bloody Sunday 
15 In A Little While 
16 band intro's 
17 Desire 

Disc Two 
01 Stay 
02 Bad - '40' 
03 Where The Streets Have No Name 
04 Pride 
05 Bullet The Blue Sky 
06 With Or Without You 
07 The Fly 
08 One / She's A Mystery To Me 
09 Walk On 

Well I was inspired by god_61's 'Elevation Tour 15th Anniversary Flood' to revisit this one. I pulled out my original Buffalo 2001 ALD and matrixed it with this circulating AUD recording. This was one of my very early attempts at ALD recording... with somewhat good results. Along with many of the limitations of ALD systems, Buffalo's system is on a 'limiter'. I did NOT go back to the original master tape for this matrix, there are a number of much better recordings from this tour. Going back to the original Master would probably not enhance this much more that this. Originally recorded with a borrowed SONY D8. I did not have access to a digital transfer at the time. The D8 transfer to .wav is more than likely analogue. The original ALD post was mastered in Cool Edit Pro, with a custom delay (to fill out the sound)

This mix uses the original mastered ALD post. Mixed and time synced in Audition, with some minor EQ and plug in's. To match the original ALD post, some audience appreciation (encore clapping) was removed. I also removed the first 1:15 seconds of Trippy Elevation Mix (which was a patch from the Chicago 5-16-2001 show) Re-tracked in Cool Edit Pro (just because it's easier than Audition)
Added split track #7 for my friends Bruce and Mary Moser, who via their first USA tour, arguably, single handedly introduced U2 to the USA. (at 'Stage One' in Buffalo in 1980)

Alternate tracks 17 & 18 for CD splits are included

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