sabato 12 gennaio 2019

Bob Seger - 1974-05-14 - San Francisco, CA (preFM/FLAC)

(preFM FLAC)


Bob Seger - vocals, guitar
Drew Abbott - lead guitar
Robyn Roberts - keyboards
Chris Campbell - bass
Charley Allen Martin - drums

01. full circle (correct title)
02. twenty years from now
03. all your love
04. i've been working
05. don't burn down the bridge
06. bo diddley
07. turn the page
08. bringing it back from mexico
09. see me in the evening
10. ramblin' gamblin' man

This is the same show as "Retro Rock" however this has the songs in the right order and no fake audience pumped in. You can tell from the between song banter. It's a true killer - one of my early DIME finds. This is from the cdr I burned from my Dime download - the files were no longer on my computer. Wildly esoteric setlist here and the performance is dyn-o-mite. You can hear a bit of lp noise between tracks like before Turn The page - it is pretty much of a non-issue though.

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