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Johnny Cash - 1968-12-26 - London, UK (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

The Holy Land Concert

Johnny Cash
the Tennessee Three
Carl Perkins
The Statler Brothers
Mother Mabel Carter

The BBC Broadcast
"The Holy Land Concert"

Originally broadcast 
Boxing Day 12/26/68

Broadcast tape > cdr > some editing > GIFT CDR > EAC > WAV > FLAC

01 - Come To The Wailing Wall
02 - A Mother's Love
03 - The Nazarene
04 - He Turned The Water Into Wine
05 - Send A Picture of Mother
06 - Flowers On The Wall The Statler Brothers
07 - How Great Tho Art The Statler Brothers
08 - beautiful Words
09 - Daddy Sang Bass Carl Perkins
10 - the ten Commandments
11 - Where Could I Go But To The Lord
12 - I Saw The Light Carl Perkins
13 - The Forth Man
14 - Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem - Mother Mabel Carter
15 - The Bell's Of Saint Mary's - Mother Mabel Carter
16 - Sweeter Than The Flowers - Mother Mabel Carter
17 - I Saw A Man
18 - This Ol' House - The Statler Brothers
19 - Old Time Religion
20 - Close

Here is a special show that I thing is superb. Superb sound quality, however the person who edited this about 8 years ago now simply clipped all the files to the same audio level. I believe if I could locat the source tape now, a much better job could be done.

Cash and the whole late 1960's show in concert in England. Exact date unknown.. what was produced a wonder LIVE gospel show. This was done to promote Cash's THE HOLY LAND lp which had just been released. I believe June Carter Cash is missing as John Carter was either dur to be born or had arrived. Mother Mabel carter fills in.. a wonderful document of a performance by one of the First Family of Country Music

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