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Jean Michel Jarre - 2007-12-26 - Paris, France (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Source (DVD/DVDR 5,9): DVD 5
Total movie's files size: 4GB

Video Attribute
Video compression mode: mpeg-2
TV system (NTSC/PAL): Pal
Aspect ratio .: 16:9
Source picture resolution: 720x576
Frame rate: 25 F/s

Audio Attribute
Audio coding mode: DVD_LPCM
Sampling rate: N/A
Number of audio channels .: Stereo
Bitrate: VBR (variable bit rate) sys 10080 kb/s

RIP Information
Broadcaster/receiver: EXQI/HD-nl DVB-C standard decoder
Recorder: Hard disk recorder (analog connection, scart)
Video (Untouched/Re-encoded-%) .: untouched
Audio (Untouched/Stripped): converted LPCM
Menus (Untouched/Stripped): Home made (whole and 12 music selections)
Extras (Untouched/Stripped/N/A): Dutch intro from EXQI (dutch/Vlamish, 20 seconds) in whole.

2007 saw the 30th anniversary of the worldwide release of Jarre's album Oxygène. He performed a series of 10 Oxygène Live concerts in Paris, inside the Theatre Marigny, from December 12 to December 26, 2007. Jarre performed new 90 minute live performances of Oxygène, complete with new tracks, using only vintage synthesizers and assisted on stage by French musicians Francis Rimbert, Claude Samard and Dominique Perrier.

Tuning & "Prelude" (New Track)
"Oxygène Part I"
"Oxygène Part II"
"Oxygène Part III"
"Variation Part I" (New track)
"Oxygène Part IV"
 "Variation Part II" (New track)
"Oxygène Part V"
"Variation Part III" (New track)
"Oxygène Part VI"
"Variation Part IV" (New track)
"Oxygène Part XII"

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