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Bruce Springsteen - 1975-10-17 - Los Angeles, CA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Title: N/A 
Label: N/A 
Catalog #: N/A 
Format: 2 CDR 
Source: Radio Broadcast
Bruce Base: 
Story Teller:
Total Time: 1 hour 48 minutes 29 seconds
Date: October 17, 1975
Location: The Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles, California, USA (Early Show) 

Transfer/Trade and Generation Info: MASTER Cassette Tapes TDK AD IEC I / Type I Normal Position Normal Bias 120us EQ -> Yamaha Player Deck -> Transfer with Cable -> wav -> TLH -> flac (level 8) -> trade -> THL -> wav -> Nero Wav Editor -> split -> TLH -> flac (level 8) Align on Sector Boundaries. 

Include: md5 (wav/flac), ffp, Test encoded, shntool_info/len, Frequency-Spectral Analysis, Artwork, Info file and Par2 recovery files to 10% 

CD 1: (49:33) 
01 Speaker Introduction (1:02) 
02 Thunder Road (6:14) 
03 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (4:01) 
04 Spirit In The Night (7:22) 
05 Pretty Flamingo (11:43) 
06 She's The One (6:18) 
07 Born To Run (4:40) 
08 Intro (1:14) 
09 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) (6:59) 

CD 2: (58:56) 
01 Backstreets (7:19) 
02 Kitty's Back (19:29) 
03 Jungleland (9:25) 
04 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (10:11) 
05 Going Back (5:53) 
06 Detroit Medley (6:39) 

Incredible Radio recording by Essex Boy with excellent stereo separation: yet another version of this great show. I edited the songs mixing the sound to eliminate the gap caused by turning the tape, 
Rosalita was cut to 5:30 minutes because the tape was probably damaged, and the audio in the remaining part was messed up, so I restored the damaged part, patching with the Zeke version and Chapter One version. I left both songs, the original one and the edited one, to maintain the integrity of the recording and a steady sound in the CDs. 

from Brucebase: 
Two separate admission shows. The first (early) show was broadcast live on KWEST-FM, the audio of which is available on boot CDs "Backstreets" (Chapter One), ‘Ain't Nobody Here From Billboard Tonight' (Moonlight), ‘The Roxy Road’ (Dynamite Studio), ‘Down In Roxyland' (Z005) and in improved quality as 'Roxy Theatre Night' (Crystal Cat). An audience recording of the late show is also available from the master cassettes and is on an untitled CDR (Fanatic). "Thunder Road" is the slow version with Roy on piano and Bruce on harmonica and vocals at both shows. At the early show, Bruce sings the opening of "Stagger Lee" as an introduction to "Spirit In The Night" and "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)" includes a snippet of "Theme From Shaft" in the midsection. 

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