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Black Sabbath - 1983-10-21 - Montreal, QC (DVDfull aud/pro-shot) + bonus

(DVDfull aud/pro-shot)

Black Sabbath

"Born Again" The Live Footage

Montreal Forum,Montreal, Canada - 21.10.1983 (complete set)

01 - Children Of The Grave
02 - Hot Line
03 - War Pigs
04 - Disturbing The Priest
05 - Supernaut
06 - Drum Solo
07 - Rock And Roll Doctor
08 - Iron Man
09 - Zero The Hero
10 - Heaven And Hell
11 - Guitar Solo
12 - Digital Bitch
13 - Black Sabbath
14 - Smoke On The Water
15 - Paranoid

Rock Palace, Hollywood, Ca - 14.01.1984 (2 songs TV Appearance)
01 - Digital Bitch
02 - Zero The Hero

Icehall, Helsinki, Finland - 21.08.1983 (4 songs)
01 - Children Of The Grave
02 - Hot Line
03 - War Pigs
04 - Born Again

Nice collection of Ian Gillan era Sabbath footage. (pretty much everything there is!)


Black Sabbath - Born Again (The j-m-gart Edition)

This audience video from Montreal '83 is the only complete visual testament to the BORN AGAIN tour currently available to tape traders. It was shot wide from the center balcony on a tripod. I am told that this filmer was also responsible for a Van Halen audience film in Montreal on the following year.

Quite honestly, I was a bit disappointed when I first viewed this film. The sound is very good, but sounds like it was recorded in a large hall. The video is a bit dark, cloudy and often distant. The camera captures the whole stage from a wide angle in the center, but doesn't get close enough for the sort of clarity one might hope for. The beginning of "Children Of The Grave" is cut and the complete running time is about 90 minutes altogether.

It's too bad this one isn't a bit better, but its still essential viewing for anyone who wants a glimpse of the infamous Stonehenge stage set, which was too large to fit into most of the venues they had booked for the Canadian tour! Inevitably, Stonehenge was trimmed down to manageable proportions and the larger pieces were dispensed with.

While it is true that director Lyndsey Clennell filmed this concert and soundcheck to be used in the promotional videos for "Trashed" and "Zero The Hero", none of this footage has ever surfaced. His film was done to provide the audience perspective for the live shots and was later edited down into shorter clips later. The aforementioned audience film is obviously different than what is shown in the BORN AGAIN promos.

I’ve had a few people tell me that the close-up shots were filmed during soundchecks before the actual concert began. This was definitely the case for “Trashed”, which the band never performed live (at least on any recordings I’ve found).

Glen Drover was at this show and remembers this day quite well. He wrote, “They were filming earlier for 2 videos, which I’m sure you have seen all the live footage you see from the “Zero The Hero” video and I believe there was one more? “Trashed”? All that stuff was from Montreal. The crowd live shots were of course done during the show, but all of the close up stage shot were done during the day. This is all accurate!!!”

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