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Dire Straits - 1981-07-05 - Werchter, Belgium (DVDfull pro-shot)

 (DVDfull pro-shot)

WERCHTER '81"- DVD 4cams Pro-Shot (soundboard)

some shots here

source: Pro-Shot
video Quality: 9.5
Audio quality: 9.5
Format   :NTSC 1 DVD
Ratio    :4:3
Audio    :2.0 Dolby Digital
Menu     :Yes
Cams     :4 pro-shots
Subtiles :no for tracks 1-4. (Bonus: Dutch)
(exact lineage unkown)

Mark Knopfler : guitars and vocals
John Illsley  : bass and backing vocals
Pick Withers  : drums
Hal Lindes    : guitars
Alan Clark    : keyboards

01. Tunnel of Love
02. Expresso love
03. Private investigations (instrumental)
04. Sultans of swing

5. Belgium news - 24th June 2001 (interview with Mark Knopfler and some short concert clips, between the spoken words,  from the Sailing to Philadelphia tour.)

Running time: Aprox 33 minutes

comments J.V.Tol:
DVD-Video containing parts of the famous Werchter concert from 1981. A very nice period of Dire Straits with interesting arrangements and a band full of energy. Good picture and sound quality.
As a small bonus, the Belgium news of 24th June 2001 is added. On this part, there is a small interview with Mark Knopfler and some
images from the Sailing to Philadelphia tour.

comment Enlight:
Taken from a KRO(dutch) 1982 television broadcast (exact month/day of broadcast and exact lineage unkown) Four camera's where used for capturing this show!

"private investigations insrumental"  was just the outro of "Angel of Mercy"back then, funny it became the outro of the real ""private investigations" released on the "Love over Gold" album! Mark must have really loved the "private investigation " melody,because he almost used the same guitar intro riff from "private investigations" for the "fistfull of icecream" tune on the "comfort and joy" record.

"we've got no lights tonight.....the lights are kaput( dutch/belgium for broken).....""
Mark says this because somebody had thrown a bottle of beer into the lightmixer, after that the lights were
only working at 10% of its capicity and only the white lights where working!!!**)

**) That also what 20 sec appearing dutch words in the screen tells you at the beginning of "Tunnel of love"
and that we have to thank the person who had thrown that bottle of beer in the light mixer for the "romantic" view.

The bonus is nice to watch , only the voice-over is dutch spoken and the translation of Mark's speech is subtitled in dutch.

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