Saturday, June 3, 2017

Jean Michel Jarre - 2008-03-25 - Amsterdam, NL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

"Oxygene in Amsterdam" 
Tuesday, March 25, 2008 
Carré Theatre, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Oxygene 30th Anniversary Tour using original instruments 

Jean Michel Jarre 
Francis Rimbert 
Dominque Perrier 
Claude Sammard 

01 - Introduction 
02 - Tuning the Old Ladies 
03 - Prelude 
04 - Oxygène 1 
05 - Oxygène 2 
06 - Oxygène 3 
07 - Variation I 
08 - Oxygène 4 
09 - Variation II 

01 - Oxygène 5 
02 - Variation III 
03 - Oxygène 6 
04 - Variation IV 
05 - Oxygène 12 
06 - Oxygène 13 (encore) 

From The official Jean Michel Jarre blog: 
"Tonight Amsterdam. We arrived by train under a crazy snow. Best venue so far: the theater looked great, with a lot of big chandeliers and red velvet, quite decadent... The audience was really into the music and the show. We had a lot of fun. The crew is exhausted as we played in Brusssels and Amsterdam back-to-back, and they couldn't really sleep. Disassembling all the instruments, lighting, sound systems and reassembling it is a feat they accomplish everyday. Meeting with the fans after the concert is always a special moment. I finallly checked the merchandising. All the gear for sale is quite fun and very close to what I wanted. Time to head to the UK now." 

Recorded by MadMaster. 

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