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Uli Jon Roth - 2014-10-12 - Mannheim, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

zoom h1 -> wav 48/24 -> micro sd card -> PC -> master (wavelab) -> wav 44/16 - > flac 
mastering: treble, volume boost for the announcements 

recorded by the fearless endoplasmatic wannerl

Uli Jon Roth - guitar, vocals 
Jamie Little - drums 
Ule W. Ritgen - bass 
Niklas Turmann - guitar, vocals 
Corvin Bahn - keyboards, vocals 
David Klosinski - guitar 

00 [audience] 0:06 
01 All Night long 3:27 
02 Longing for Fire 3:12 
03 Crying Days 5:59 
04 The Sails of Charon 7:59 
05 Sun in my Hand 5:58 
06 We'll burn the Sky 8:36 
07 In Trance 6:48 
08 Fly to the Rainbow 13:32 
09 I've got to be free 13:52 
10 Hell Cat 2:45 
11 Dark Lady 9:48 
11 a [encore calls]* 1:22 
11 b [they are back] 0:18 
11 c [but they don't play yet]* 0:27 
12 Pictured Life 2:59 
13 Catch Your Train 3:46 
14 All along the Watchtower 7:22 
15 If Six was Nine 1:29 
16 Little Wing 9:18 

total 1:49:11 

* you might want to leave these 2 off unless you want the whole thing. there won't be any gaps if you include 11b 

Scorpions these days are mainly associated to Siegfried Schenker and Roy Meine hanging around in TV shows and telling stories. But they used to be the cool band who played any Uli Roth song no matter how weird it was, giving us some psychedelic, proggy and other music which are not exactly typical Scorps style. So here he was, playing this crazy shit. 

To my understanding there was a different lead vocalist at the beginning of the tour but for some reasons guitar player Niklas Turman simply took over the Klaus Meine part - after having played and sung for 45 min with his band 'Crystal Breed' as opening act. This guy must be a jedi or something. 

I must admit the 'Uli Roth era Scorpions'-synapses in my brain have grown in the 80s. They still work, but there won't grow any new ones - so I loved every song I knew but the two 'taken by force' songs I wasn't familiar to (2,9) were a bore for me. Fair deal - I had to leave my own birthday party for this concert and the guys did their best to make it worth while. 

Some let-downs: Three Hendrix songs are ok, but not if they push 'Polar Nights' from the setlist! Plus: I like (yes) Uli's voice, but only when he sings his own songs. And the drummer was good at the Scorpions stuff but he was definitely no Mitch Mitchell (though he did a great job on the 'Little Wing' tom fills). AND: Man, some 'Electric Sun' songs and I'd have started floating! Ule 'Smiler' Ritgen was in the room! 

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