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Spirit - 1978-03-05 - Essen, DE (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

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In Memory of Randy California 1951-1997

Randy California - g/voc/Moog Taurus
Ed Cassidy - dr
Larry "Fuzzy" Knight - b

01 Rockpalast Jam (6'25'')
02 Mr. Skin (3'25'')
03 Nature's Way(3'13'')
04 Like A Rolling Stone(7'11'')
05 Hollywood Dream(4'39'')
06 1984(3'25'')
07 Looking Down From A Mountain(4'54'')
08 Hey Joe (5'17'')
09 Animal Zoo(4'38'')
10 Love Charged (4'22'')
11 It's All The Same (incl. Drum Solo) (16'15'')
12 I Got A Line On You(2'42'')
13 All Along The Watchtower (5'02'')
14 Wild Thing (3'18'')
15 Downer (3'44'')
16 If I Miss This Train/Rockpalast Jam (4'52'')
(* Jam Session mit Dickey Betts)

1984 live beat club 1970
1984 live music scene 1970

The appearance of the legendary rock group, Spirit, with guitarist Randy California and drummer Ed Cassidy at the Rockpalast-Festival on March 4th and 5th will be a notable event: is it the group's first concert in Europe after several years. For over ten years, the American group Spirit has been commonly recognized, on the whole, as one of the most influential and important rock groups. Their album 'Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus' is a rock classic. Formed in 1967, Spirit today represents the development of the music of the American west coast in all it's aspects. (Official Text)

Spirit. They made a name for themselves on this "Magic Night". Ed Cassidy's intro on his drums. Rockpalast jam.... electro jam....Randy California, with the sound of his magic guitar (supposedly bought at a department store for $50) , attracted everyone into his path. A high point was the drum solo - Ed drummed with his hands. Production leader Willi Lang couldn't take it anymore with 'Hey Joe' and danced with Randy in front of the camera. The ending was a session with Dickey Betts. A jewel in the Rockpalast history.

Spirit was formed by Randy California in L.A. in 1967. Randy had a group called 'Red Roosters' before, in which his bald-headed step-father, jazz drummer Ed Cassidy, already belonged to. In New York, they played for a short time with 'Jimi James and the Blue Flames'.The man behind this band was no other than Jimi Hendrix. The big Jimi Hendrix influence can always be seen in Randy's guitar playing. Jay Ferguson and Jon Locke played with Spirit for a few years. The fact that their albums never were commercial successes lay presumably on the stylistic jumps and strange fusions. The first LP was inspired more by jazz. The LP 'The family that plays together' offered more compact songs, of which the single 'I got a line on you' managed to land in the Charts and even made it to Nr. 25. Because of it's 'political' content, their song '1984', named after George Orwell, was boycotted by the radio stations in the USA. In 1971, there was a line-up change, and, the end of Spirit seemed to have arrived when Randy California left the band. He devoted himself to his solo project 'Kaptain Kopter and his Fabulous Twirly Birds'.

In 1976, Spirit heralded itself again with the ablum 'Spirit of 76', a somewhat controversial sounc collage. Since 1978, Spirit has appeared mostly as a trio, just as at the Rockpalast concert. Randy California produced some solo records. Spirit regularly made records and went on tours to go along with most of them. In 1984, with the original band members, Spirit released the LP 'The Thirteenth Dream'. In 1989, Randy California toured with the 'Night of Guitars'.
In 1996, the record 'California Blues' appeared, with guest musicians such as Robbie Krieger, Matt Andes and his daughter Rachel, more or less the third generation of Spirit. The record was to be a new beginning and a start in Spirit's fourth decade, but the unexpected death of Randy Craig Wolfe (California) brought Spirit a bitter end. Randy California died on 2 January, 1997, while trying to rescue his son from drowning (swimming in Molokai, Hawaii); he himself was pulled out to sea and drowned. Once again, a Rockpalast concert has become a document and a piece in the history of rock music.

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