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Frank Zappa - 1968-10-06 - Bremen, DE (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

The Mothers of Invention
The Beat Club

79.02 Pre Broadcast SBD A+

Title: LIEDERLICHES Episode 5
First Broadcast Date: 1970 10 15 on German TV Station ARD
This Copy is from the converted BETACAM SP Mastertape
Cassette: SONY E-60PR



Transfers by xxhoff
Audio fixed by PittyLabelle
Authoring, editing and animation by unicrayon

Lineage: Betacam Master > DVD > Authored DVD > You

01 Noodling, soundcheck, tuning up
02 Improvisation in A
03 Boogie Shuffle in A
04 Don Preston’s Dental Problem
05 King Kong
06 The String Quartet
Pound For A Brown
Sleeping in a Jar
Jam in E
07 Uncle Meat
08 Lohengrin
09 Let’s Make The Water Turn Black
10 Octandre

I'm calling this show "Earlier That Night".
It's basically 40 minutes of never before seen black & white footage that was cut from the broadcast.
This version is the whole show starting from the clapperboard through the all day Full German into the sound engineer's noodling and rejoining at the partial King Kong we already know from the broadcast.
In short: It's not perfect, but it's interesting.

Earlier this year I fixed the Beat Club DVD and some time later when I was working on this restoration project Flambay discovered the audio was broken!

"Why can't anything be easy?" is always the question I ask when I've finished a project and then find out something is wrong.
A while back I'd asked flambay to look at the audio, I needed an expert opinion on the content and how we should present both the audio and the video files. Flambay got back to me to say he'd noticed audible clicks every 15 seconds throughout and I/we FREAKED OUT for a while because I'd just seeded the Broadcast version!

We checked the only 2 copies of the footage in the world and they both had the same problem!

Later that year, PittyLabelle rode to the rescue with a technical solution that didn't require flambay spending the rest of his natural life cleaning the audio up by hand … Pitty extracted clean copies of the audio and we stopped FREAKING OUT and I got back to the final noodling process of synching it all back together.

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