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J Geils Blues Band - 1968-09-xx - Montreal, QC (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

New Penelope Club, Montreal, Canada

Peter Wolf's Master Reel 3 3/4ips 1/4 track --> Maxell UD35-90 7 1/2ips 1/4 track (Revox B77) --> Tascam CD-RW2000 --> EAC --> CDWAV --> FLAC

Here's a real gem from the lost archives. If you are reading this you know what a powerhouse this band is different here. This seems to be before the original songs when the band cut their teeth on blues covers much like Fleetwood Mac.

This is an excellent recording of an awesome performance. Anyone who loves rock bands playin the blues should have this. Let me now thank hezekiahx2 at Dime for these are a saint.

J. Geils - guitar
Peter Wolf - vocals
Danny Klein - bass
Pittsfield Slim aka Magic Dick (Dick Salwitz) - harp
Steven Bladd - drums

1st Set
01. dust my broom
02. Look over yonder
03. Slow Blues Jam
04. You Don't Love Me
05. Orange Driver
06. Something you got
07. Smokestack lightin'  (w/ band into in middle)
08. Rock me Baby

2nd set
01. Blues Instrumental
02. Somebody's gotta go
03. Help me
04. Peter Wolf Into
05. everythings gonna be alright
06. It hurts me too
07. Black Night
08. Do The Funky Broadway??  (w/ band into at end)

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