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U2 - 1989-10-08 - Melbourne, AU (AUD/SHN)

(Audience SHN)

National Tennis Center

Bad At It's Best

Unknown gen > EAC (secure) > WAV > mkwACT 0.97b1 > SHN

Disc 1
01 Hawkmoon 269 
02 Desire 
03 All Along the Watchtower 
04 Bullet the Blue Sky 
05 Running To Stand Still 
06 All I Want Is You 
07 Where The Streets Have No Name 
08 I Will Follow 
09 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 
10 MLK 
11 One Tree Hill 
12 God Part II 

Disc 2 
01 Bad 
02 October 
03 New Year's Day 
04 Pride
05 Angel Of Harlem 
06 When Love Comes to Town 
07 Love Rescue Me 
08 With Or Without You 
09 '40' 

Comments Justin Cook:
Darren Glen put in numerous hours at the studio remastering this bootleg, using Lovetown Melbourne - Night Two as his primary source material. The result is outstanding. Again, crowd noise is present--there is no way to eliminate that - but the vocals are at the forefront and all of the instruments can be clearly heard. This is definitely one of the best first leg Loevtown recordings available. It is infinitely better than Tonight I Feel Drunk and personally, I like it better than the raw sound offered in Lovetown Melbourne - Night Two.

Comments Darren Glen:
There are three different recordings of this show in the archive, all from different positions within the arena and with different equipment. By far the best recording was probably a transfer to CD-R from the original source tape...this version sounds like it was recorded with excellent mics and to a recording unit that wasnt plagued with Auto Gainwhich is good, as this allows the recording to retain excellent punch and dynamics. However I imagine that the mics used were not flat in response, leaving the sound seriously lacking in bottom end, and with a fairly harsh top end, and the recording was playing at the wrong speed (too fast). Unfortunately this recording was also missing 3 1/2 songs....but half of 'I Will Follow' remained. All of these anomalities were corrected and the frequency balance restored to a full, clean and tight response. The second recording was from a different location and using less superior equipment, but fortunately the missing songs from the better version above were in complete form here. This show was on a first generation TDK SA tape and was fully restored (NR, EQ, Speed Adj, etc) before the missing songs were re-balanced and slotted into the above recording in the correct position to make a complete recording for the project...entitled Bad at its Best...this is without a doubt the most incredible performance of Bad in the archive....and better than any of the versions of Bad from 87 shows i've heard as well. Bonos voice roars as he puts all of the singing phrases that he uses individually in different versions of Bad all into this one performance, and flawlessly. He ends up singing in all 3 sections right to the very end of the song just to fit them all in, instead of leaving the last section an instrumental as is usually the case. (This extension only happened one other time, in Tokyo.) 

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