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Paul Simon - 2006-10-24 - Upper Darby, PA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Tower Theater

FM broadcast => cdr(0) => EAC => FLAC front-end

Disc one (64:08):
(1) Gumboots (3:45)
(2) Boy in the Bubble (4:12)
(3) Outrageous (4:01)
(4) 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (4:06)
(5) Slip Sliding Away (5:28)
(6) You're The One (6:14)
(7) Me and Julio Down By ... (2:48)
(8) Train in the Distance (6:18)
(9) How Can You Live in the Northeast (5:33)
(10) Loves Me Like A Rock (3:11)
(11) That Was Your Mother (3:35)
(12) Duncan (4:59)
(13) Graceland (5:23)
(14) Father and Daughter (4:29)

Disc two (52:47):
(1) Cecilia (4:11) *
(2) Only Living Boy in New York (3:52)
(3) Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes (6:52)
(4) You Can Call Me Al (4:58)
(5) Still Crazy After All These Years (4:47)
(6) Mrs. Robinson (5:45)
(7) Wartime Prayers (3:54)
(8) Bridge Over Troubled Water (4:29)
(9) Late in the Evening (4:32)
(10) The Boxer (7:44)

* 1st 20 seconds missing

MD5 signature file is included. Sorry, no artwork.


There is already a nice audience recording in circulation, but as this is FM quality, is demonstrably better. Fidelity is fairly typical (compressed) for a local FM broadcast; I believe it was aired live on a local radio station the night of the show. This doesn't have the sound quality of, say, a WWI or WXRT broadcast, but it's extremely enjoyable nonetheless -- and probably the best recording in wide circulation from the tour. With the exception of a CD switch (the seeder recorded this live directly on a stand-alone CDR), this represents the complete performance.

2 commenti:

  1. Don't let the "disclaimer" worry about this one. The recording will absolutely be a welcome addition to most Paul Simon collections. I have already enjoyed several track from it, and can only recommend it. So thanks a lot for this one (as well as the many other ones) :-)

  2. Fabulous sound. Broadcast by WXPN, Univ of Pennsylvania. Go Philly!