sabato 5 ottobre 2019

The Who - 2013-06-12 - Glasgow, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

SECC Glasgow 

ZOOM H2 Digital Recorder 

CD One 
01 I Am The Sea 
02 The Real Me 
03 Quadrophenia 
04 Cut My Hair 
05 Punk And The Godfather 
06 I'm One 
07 The Dirty Jobs 
08 Helpless Dancer 
09 Is It In My Head 
10 I've Had Enough 
11 5:15 
12 Sea And sand 
13 Drowned 
14 Bell Boy 

CD Two 
15 Dr Jimmy 
16 The Rock 
17 Love Reign O'er Me 
18 Band Intros 
19 Who Are You 
20 Behind Blue Eyes 
21 Pinball Wizard 
22 Baba O'Riley 
23 Won't Get Fooled Again 
24 Tea And Theatre 
25 Goodnight 

Recorded from row 8 on Pete's side directly in front of hanging PA 

Recorded using ZOOM H2 - Memory Card - PC - Adobe Audition - Audacity - TLH - Dime 

Once on my PC I put the raw file through Adobe Audition and added a little EQ and narrowed the stereo field to minimise intrusive clapping from either side of me. I then tracked using Audacity before converting to FLAC using TLH. 

The files have not been edited to create 2 CDS but I have indicated where you can burn to create 2 discs. 

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