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Dead Kennedys - 1984-10-17 - Eugene, OR (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

W.O.W. Hall
Eugene, OR
October 17, 1984

source\ Lineage: Toshiba KT R2 (m)> Onkyo TA-RW344 w\ azimuth correction>Goldwave>.wav>CD Wave>flac (level 8)

Taper: Chris Metzler

1) >intro<
2) Take The Job And Shove It
3) Hop with the Jet Set
4) >chat<
5) Dear Abby
6) >chat<
7) Dogbite
8) >chat<
9) Trust Your Mechanic
10) >chat<
11) Do the Slag
12) Moral Majority
13) MTV Get Off the Air
14) Let’s Lynch the Landlord
15) Lie Detector
16) I Kill Children
17) >chat<
18) Jock-o-Rama
19) >chat<
20) Goons of Hazard
21) >chat<
22) Riot (flip)
23) Riot (cont)
24) >chat<
25) I Fought the Law
26) >chat<
27) Terminal Preppie
28) >jam<
29) Too Drunk to Fuck
30) >chat<
31) Dead End
32) >chat<
33) Moon Over Marin
34) >chat<

The second night of a three night run… Portland to Eugene to Corvallis…First up: Eugene…because that's the way things work sometimes...

Love this setlist!...Dead End, Let’s Lynch the Landlord AND Moon Over Marin…they must have been in a good mood…

Enjoy, but please…
Don’t Sell…and do not disseminate in MP3 Format!


I was lucky enough to develop a pretty solid virtual friendship with Chris Metzler, and seemingly was able to succeed where many others have not: getting him to open up his vast collection of recorded material to digitally transfer. The many requests he received over the years were impossible to fulfill, and he honestly felt badly about ‘hoarding’, but there was little way to oblige all of them over the decades of taping, trading, and collecting

Perhaps Chris saw in me the chance to get his tapes transferred, and also out to the many folks who had requested them since his last trading days many moons ago...

What we have in Chris’ collection is a brilliant snapshot of the Portland \ Eugene \ Corvallis, Oregon scene in the early to mid-1980’s. Then, after a prolific spell taping his favorite bands in and around Portland, Chris scored a job working for Touch’n’Go sister label Blast First Records out of the UK. He became label support for Band of Susans, and worked closely with many of the stalwarts during the heyday of Touch’n’Go.

Chris has also worked closely with many other bands, in various capacities; including Wire, Nick Cave (at Mute Records) and also the Buzzcocks, after their reformation in 1989, as well as many, many others; far too many to mention. This series does not even begin to scratch the surface of his collection; much of which is privately recorded and cannot be released to the public without the bands’ permissions. Still, what has been offered up is a pretty amazing collection of recordings, nonetheless, and certainly will bring to light a wealth of new material as well as many upgrades which have remained elusive for far too long.

Allow me to give a big thanks to Chris for his trust in me, and for opening up his vaults to we fans! 

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