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Jeff Beck - 1998-07-07 - Amsterdam, NL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)


First night of 1998 European Tour 

EXCELLENT very up front audience recording. 

unknown likely digital audience capture->CDR(trade)->EAC(secure)->FLAC8 (aligned) 

The opening act The Big Town Playboys with Andy Fairweather Low sitting in "reportedly". I assume Jeff played with them too perhaps. No idea if that exists on tape. 

This show is severely under-circulated. Not any more! 

Jeff Beck - guitar 
Jennifer Batten - guitar & guitar synthesizer 
Randy Hope Taylor - bass 
Steve Alexander - drums 

01. What Mama Says (aka New Tech) 
02. Savoy 
03. Star Cycle 
04. Even Odds 
05. Sending Sweets 
06. Big Block 
07. Diamond Dust 
08. Orbit 
09. Psycho Sam (aka Arab Hoot) 
10. Brush With The Blues 
11. Angel(Footsteps) (aka La Veranese) 
12. Led Boots 
13. Blue Wind band intros and exit 

14. Where Were You 
15. You Never Know 
16. Slingshot 

duration: 74:27 

tech notes: 
-tiny digi-glitch at 3:27 during What Mama Says 
-a few digi-pops or mic bumps at very start of Where Were You 
-Whoever mastered this originally added a couple of between song fades or shortened applause between songs (nearly transparent). No music lost that I can tell. Probably trimmed some applause to squeeze this down to (at the time) the 74 minute max for a CD. Just guessing. No detraction at all to the continuity of the show in my opinion. 

Sending Sweets and Orbit are leftovers from some never released sessions (Steakhouse) and only appeared on this tour to my knowledge. 

Diamond Dust was apparently only played a few times (if that) during this tour. It is the first night of the tour here, and you can tell Jeff can't quite find where to come in as the song begins, but once he gets on board, the usual magic ensues. Jennifer does a great job of playing the Rhodes background on guitar. Enjoy this rather amazing version, you won't hear anything like it again most likely! 

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