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Ace Frehley - 2011-07-01 - Mt. Clemens, MI (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull aud-shot)

Stars and Stripes Festival

Master (see above)->hard drive->Ulead Video Studio 11 to add alternate audio->Ulead Movie Factory 6 for authoring

Filmed and Authored Ratt Trader Productions
Alternate Audio track recorded by Boss2005
Duration - approx 75 minutes

Audio/Video Specs:
audio : AC3 256 kbps/stereo
video : MPEG-2 6436 kbps 29.97 fps NTSC 720x480 16:9 dvd format

01 Rocket Ride 04:25
02 Parasite 08:38
03 Sister 13:48
04 Snow Blind / I Want You / Rock Soldiers 25:04
05 2,000 Man 30:13
06 Strange Ways 33:36
07 New York Groove 39:16
08 Love Her All I Can 42:53
09 Shock Me/Guitar Solo 52:15
10 Shout It Out Loud 55:13
11 Love Gun 59:32
12 Crowd/Wait for Encore 61:32
13 Rip It Out 65:13
14 Cold Gin/Black Diamond 74:54

Cut approximately 59 seconds off the beginning of my footage to align with Boss2005 audio track. Speed corrected with audacity (+.018)

recorded with : JVC Everio GZ-MG130U (hard drive camcorder)

This was recorded from the right side of the stage on the barricade of the VIP seating area. The audio was a little hot, so I was happy to see that someone else (Boss2005) had recorded the audio and posted the show on Dime. I did have to hide the camera a few times as roadies were walikng around and shutting down filmers, including a guy standing directly in front of me. This was a labor of love, as I integrated the alternate audio source and it took me hours and hours of trial and error to get the sources to match up. The end result is pretty good, as you can crank it up without the distorted camcorder audio.

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