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Donald Fagen - 2006-03-07 - New York, NY (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

"What I Do"

Liberated CD Silver Set


Soundboard -> CD Silvers -> EAC ->FLAC Frontend Level 8 -> Trader's Little Helper

Donald Fagen: vocals, keyboards

Jon Herrington: guitar
Wayne Krantz: guitar
Walt Weiskopf: Sax
Micheal Leonhart: Trumpet
Keith Carlock: drums
Freddie Washington: bass
Jeff Young: keys
Carolyn Leonhart: backing vocals
Cindy Mizelle: backing vocals


01 Opening
02 Here at the Western World '06
03 The Nightfly
04 Green Flower Street
05 New Frontier
06 Third World Man
07 Band Introductions
08 Home At Last
09 Brite Nitegown

01 Year of the Dragon (featuring Martha Wainwright)
02 FM
03 H Gang
04 What I Do
05 The Goodbye Look
06 I.G.Y.
07 Pretzel Logic
07 Viva Rock N Roll

NOTES from "Ports" - who procured the silvers:

Many thanks to Buttmanos, Lurker Ray, and others in helping to find and liberate all the new Steely Dan related material the last few months. I am very happy to be able to help out with the first of two shows I was able to obtain. The Donald Fagen Band-Live at the Beacon is a great soundboard recording. The show does have a short set list (nothing from Kamakiriad?) and it has one song done by Donald’s special guest Martha Wainwright, which takes away another “Dan” related song. It does however have great cuts of IGY, FM, Pretzel Logic and another killer Goodbye Look ending with Donald saying “We be masterjamming!” Hope you like this one. Special thanks to Buttmanos for his time to rip, scan and get this out to all of you.

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  1. Thanks once again Edge for this and all the other recent Steely Dan/Donald Fagen soundboards. They're much appreciated. And thanks to everyone else involved in the liberation of such great music. Big Trev.