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John Hammond - 1986-03-14 - Austin, TX (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Liberty Lunch


"Sbd lowgen cass > CDwave editor > Flac6"

01. Jockey Blues
02. My Woman's Gone Wrong Dreamy-Eyed Woman's Blues
03. Riding In The Moonlight
04. I'm In The Mood
05. Statesboro Blues
06. Drifting Blues
07. I Can't Be Satisfied
08. Come On In My Kitchen
09. Dust My Broom
10. Screamin' And Cryin'
11. Who Do You Love
12. Dreamy-Eyed Woman's Blues
13. Tell Me Mama
14. Honest I Do
15. Preaching Blues
16. No Money Down // (broken string)
17. Custard Pie Blues

58:58 min.


At one point John mentions that he played these shows, perhaps a 3 day run, with Jorma Kaukonen. Jorma is on every NAB list know to humans (and probably a few others, just for good measure! HA!), however, if anyone happens to have a recording from any of these shows, PLEASE PM me about a possible trade. PLEASE… Anyone…

Those of you who are blues fans will probably recognize many of these songs. "Jockey Blues" is a very interesting and different Big Joe Turner cover. The first time I heard it I was pretty stunned that it's the same song. "Statesboro Blues" is a cover of the great Willie McTell's famous composition. "Drifting Blues" is a nice Charles Brown cover. Those more oriented toward rock than blues will likely know "Come On In My Kitchen" as a Doors song. And "Dust My Broom," of course, is an Elmore James cover, another stunningly great slide guitarist. I won't go on. All in all, this is a wonderful recording of a fabulous modern blues artist.

MD5 and the original text file included. I have not included this intro as I made only minor alterations to the original text file (which remains unchanged) to create this intro. Unlike my typical upload, however, you will NOT be getting all of what I got. Here's why: Included with this download were 10 files that are, as far as I can tell, completely unnecessary. Here is an example of one of the titles - "john hammond 1986-03-14 PII 01.flac.part." It appears to me to be part of a download. I play all of these songs without those 10 files without any problems, and they take up a lot of what I consider valuable space. They are actually larger than the "complete" FLACs. I really hope I haven't screwed up. I'm pretty much a tech know-nothing. I'm doing it so as not to waste YOUR valuable bandwidth. Gulp...

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