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YES - 2002-10-24 - Clearwater, FL (ALD-SBD/FLAC)


Ruth Eckerd Hall

ALD/SBD > D8 (listen box--from the parking lot) DAT > CDR

Jon Anderson - vocals
Chris Squire - bass, vocals
Steve Howe - guitars
Rick Wakeman - keyboards
Alan White - drums & percussion

01. Announcements
02. Firebird Suite >
03. Siberian Khatru
04. Starship Trooper
05. In The Presence Of
06. We Have Heaven >
07. South Side Of The Sky
08. Close To The Edge
09. Winter
10. In The Course Of The Day

01. Happy Birthday improv
02. Show Me
03. Rick Wakeman solo >
04. Wonderous Stories >
05. And You And I
06. Heart Of The Sunrise
07. Magnification
08. Don't Kill The Whale
09. Long Distance Runaround >
10. Whitefish
11. Awaken

01. Roundabout

Editing notes:
* Show was recorded out-of-phase; show was phase-corrected (to be "in-phase") via Cool Edit Pro
* Re-tracked show by combining in Nero, splitting with CD Wave
* Removed 10 seconds of applause between Track 108 and Track 109 due to significant volume fluctuations (Jim says this may be "gating", where the sound engineers turn on/off the on-stage mics. Either way, it was annoying...but now it's gone.)
* Deleted 22 seconds of applause at beginning of disc/set 2 and faded in with Nero
* Deleted 2:22 of audience applause at the end of Track 301 and faded out with Nero

Additional notes:
* The versions of "Wonderous Stories" (track 204) and "And You And I" (track 205) are performed as part of a medley and are not the full-length original versions
* The entire show runs 164:07...which is unfortunately too long for two 80-minute CDs. Jim thought it would be best to leave set 1 intact on disc 1 (79:46) and set 2 intact on disc 2 (72:41), which leaves the encore (Roundabout) by itself on disc 3 (11:39).

ALD (assisted listening device) soundboard recordings are usually knocked for their "thin" sound quality (high amount of treble, not enough bass), but I don't think that's a real issue here at all. As such, Jim's files have been unaltered for sound quality (i.e., no EQ performed)--if some of you prefer to have more bass in your ALD recordings, I'll let you do your own EQ work since it then becomes a matter of personal taste. As for me, I think the show sounds great, as-is.

Jim Fiesler notes:
(regarding his ALD-SBD shows): "ALDs (fm-sbd) perfect captures in most or all cases..however somewhat lacking bass..more than regular fm..The best place to rec these shows was from the park lot..! the signal was the best there..!"

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