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Nick Drake - 1967-1974 - Time Has Told Me (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

Nick Drake - 1967-1974 - "Time Has Told Me" Unreleased Demos and Studio Outtakes - 43rd Anniversary of his death today (FLAC)

Nick Drake
Time Has Told Me
Unreleased demos and studio outtakes collection


01. Get Together 
02. Don't Think Twice It's All Right 
03. Courting Blues 
04. Strolling Down The Highway (alt. take)
05. Here Come The Blues (alt. take)
06. Tomorrow Is Such A Long Time (alt. take)
07. Cocaine Blues (alt. take)
08. Milk And Honey (alt. take)
09. Summertime 
10. Black Mountain Blues 
11. Nick's Monologue 
12. Joey (alt. take)
1-12: Recorded at The Music Room, Far Leys, Tanworth In Arden, between 1967/1968

13. Time Has Told Me 
14. Saturday Sun [First Take] 
15. Thoughts Of Mary Jane (alt. take)
16. Day Is Done (alt. take)
13-16: Island demos. Rejected arrangements, engineered by John Wood. Recorded at Sound Techniques, Chelsea, London, between July 1968 - December 1968.

17. Fly [Second Take] 
18. Place To Be (alt. take)
19. Hazey Jane I (alt. take)
20. Parasite [First Take] 
21. Parasite [Second Take] 
22. Brittle Days I
17-22: Recorded by Brian Wells, Hampstead, London, 1969.

23. Brittle Days II 
24. Poor Boy (alt. take)
25. Time Has Told Me (alt. take)
26. Work In Progress 3 
27. Voice From The Mountain (demo)
28. Brittle Days III [Variation] 
29. Far Leys 
30. Brittle Days III 
31. Work In Progress 7 
23-31, probably recorded between 1968/1969. Chaotic section of the home tapes.

32. Impromptu Sound Check 
33. Black Eyed Dog [Guitar Track, alt. take] 
34. Rider On The Wheel [Guitar Track] 
32-34 Engineered by John Wood at Sound Techniques, Chelsea, London. February 1974 or July 1974.

orginal source info: silvers>cdr using NERO>eac>shn
found at purelivegigs 10/05. Converted from shn to flac level 8, tags added.
Slight fade in added to Get Together.

Tracks from the 2007 "Family Tree" collection removed, all others are alternate versions.
Those removed were: Been Smoking Too Long, If You Leave Me Pretty Mama, My Sugar So Sweet, Blues Run The Game, Winter Is Gone, All My Trails-Duet With Gabrielle Drake, Bird Flew By, Come To The Garden, Rain, and Blossom.

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