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Ozzy Osbourne - Ozzmosis Sessions (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

Lineage: Original CD (Wow CD 34) -> ripped with "CD'n'Go! suite" -> WAV -> TLH (flac level 5) -> you 

Tested for mpeg with TLH. = 100 % lossless. 

Original Artwork and alternative artwork included. 

I grabbed this LP (blue vinyl) with Bonus CD of the same tracks. 

01. Feels So Good To Be Bad (4.27) 
02. Denial (very different recording) (5:22) 
03. Too Far Gone (4:26) 
04. Ghost Behind My Eyes (very different recording) (5:14) 
05. Frustrated, Yes I'm Hated (4:42) 
06. Dream For Tomorrow (5:20) 
07. Say Yeah Yeah (4:24) 
08. Oh No, The Bitch Won't Go (3:23) 
09. My New Rock And Roll (3:16) 

10. Perry Mason (different, slightly longer recording) (6:02) % 
11. Old L. A. Tonight (different recording) (4:50) 
12. See You On The Other Side (different, longer recording) (7:04) * 

% 10. = A short clip of this version was posted on the forums of Michael Wagner's website a few years ago 

* 12. = only on CD, not on the LP. An alternate, much shorter mix of this version was released on the Prince of Darkness boxed set in 2005 (6:33) 

This is what I found out: 


The title "Ozzymosis Sessions" is slightly misleading. Although all of these recordings are related to the "Ozzmosis" album, they are not actually from the sessions for "Ozzmosis". The tracks on this disc come from two projects that preceded the "Ozzmosis" sessions. .. 

A. "Ozzyland Sessions" (1993/94) (1-9) 

...nine tracks are from sessions Ozzy did with songwriter/producer Mark Hudson (fame Aerosmith & Ringo Starr) for an as-of-yet unreleased album called "OZZYLAND". These sessions most likely took place some time in 1993 or 1994. It is not known where they were recorded. 

Personnel (tracks 1-9) 
Ozzy Osbourne - Lead & Backing vocals 
Mark Hudson - Rhythm guitars, Backing vocals, Keyboards (& Bass guitar?) 
Steve Dudas - Lead guitar, Backing vocals (& Bass guitar?) 
Drummer unknown 

B. "Michael Wagner Sessions" (1992) (10-12) 

...three tracks come from sessions done with engineer/producer Michael Wagner in London in 1992. Wagner was hired by Ozzy's record label to produce the intended follow up to "No More Tears". They told him they wanted an album exactly like "No More Tears". Eventually the record company changed their minds and wanted the album to sound more in line with the grunge movement so Wagner was fired and the sessions with him were abandoned. The record execs hired Soundgarden producer Michael Beinhorn who produced Ozzmosis. 

Personnel (tracks 10-12) - "No More Tours" Live-Line-up. 
Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals 
Zakk Wylde - Guitars & Piano 
Mike Inez - Bass guitar 
John Sinclair - Keyboards 
Randy Castillo - Drums 

A handful of songs from both sessions were resurrected and re-recorded during the Ozzmosis sessions. 

Credits (if they are right): 
1-9: (Ozzy Osbourne/Steve Dudas/Mark Hudson) 
10-11: (Ozzy Osbourne/Zakk Wylde/John Purdell) 
12: (Ozzy O sbourne /Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister/Zakk Wylde) 

"Ozzmosis Sessions" 
LP (Blue Vinyl): WOW LP-075 (matrix 117549 A1/B1 JP) 
Bonus-CD: WOW - CD 34 (matrix 26070 WOW CD 34) 

"Way of Wizards Records, a subsidiary and licensee of Way Of Wizards" 

There also exist LP's in other colours. Sticker with colour on LP cover. 

A different CD-Bootleg with same songs exist: 

"Ozzy Osbourne - Ozzmosis Demos" 
Zodiac - Zodiac 070 

Both versions seem to be manufactured in Japan. 

My personal rating: 

The reocrding has excellent sound for excellent songs. The first 9 songs are different than other recordings by Ozzy, a little more commercial. The Band is great. Especially the bass player is incredible (I count for Bob Daisley?). Some of the songs could have charted as single e. g. "Dream For Tomorrow", a ballad in the manner of "Dreamer". Naturally some of the tracks are heavy rock. 
"Denial" and "Ghost behind My Eyes are very different to the "Ozzmosis" versions. "Ghost" with very nice acoustic guitar and a very different, surprising ending. 
If they had released the album, it sure would have charted and become a commercial success. More than "Ozzmosis" IMHO. 

The three songs from the "Wagner sessions" are also very different. "Perry Mason" with strings intro. "Old L.A. Tonight" with very different piano. "See You on The Other Side" is similar to the version of the "Prince Of Darkness Box" (same session), but much longer with more Saxophone and Gospel Choir - very different to the Ozzmosis version. I hope the missing songs of that session will see the light of day, especially the unreleased "Slow Burn". 

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