sabato 4 novembre 2017

Genesis - 1975 - Trident Studios Trick Of The Tail demos (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

**LDB Special Series #321** (FLAC)

Phil Collins - drums, percussions, vocals
Steve Hackett - lead guitar
Tony Banks - keyboards, acoustic guitar
Mike Rutherford - bass, acoustic guitar

A) A Trick of the Outtakes (Highland HL198)
01.Dance On A Volcano (Instrumental)
02.Entangled (Part 1, Instumental)
03.Entangled (Part 2, Instumental)
04.Squonk (Instrumental)
05.Mad man Moon (Instrumental)
06.Robbery, Assault & Battery (Instrumental)
07.Ripples... (Part 1, Instrumental)
08.Ripples... (Part 2, Instrumental)
09.A Trick Of The Tail
10.It's Yourself
11.Los Endos (Part 1)
12.Los Endos (Part 2)

TT 58:58

B) Demos from cassette
01.It's Yourself
02.Ripples (part 1 & 2)
03.No Hiding Place (Robbery, Assault & Battery)
04.Fast Beloved Heroes (Los Endos) / Beloved Summer (Mad Man Moon)
05.Chug (A Trick of the Tail)
06.Acoustic Song (Entangled)
07.7/8 Song (Dance on a Volcano)
08.Indians (Squonk)

TT 50:37

C) A Trick Of The Tail "Outtakes" (Vinyl bootleg)
01.Beloved Summer (It´s Yourself)
02.Ripples (part 1)
03.Ripples (part 2)
04.Robbery, Assault & Battery
05.Los Endos
06.Mad Man Moon (piano version)
07.A Trick Of The Tail
08.Dance On A Volcano
09.Indians (Squonk)

TT 48:55

These are three different sources from the same sessions which gave birth to A Trick Of The Tail, the first Genesis album without Peter gabriel to feature Phil Collins on vocals. Sources are different and I took the opportunity of a recent transfer of my own copy of A Trick Of The Tail "Outtakes" vinyl boot to create a mega-seed that include all three.

A Trick of the Outtakes comes from a Highland CD and it is probably the most complete and best sounding. Quality there is pristine and this should be kept as the reference for these outtakes. Top notch there.

The second source comes from a tape trade I did back in the mid 80´s and I haven´t seen this source circulating. tracks are the same except that this source is very hissy but you can hear some small sections not available on the cd, like small comments in the studio and counting before the track starts. I guess this is really for completists but could be interesting.

The third source is from a vinyl boot I purchased back in 1987. Quality is also very good but shorter. Overall, this is basically what you need to have in terms of ATOTT outtakes.

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