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Siouxsie & The Banshees - 1980-11-26 - San Francisco, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Siouxsie & The Banshees - California Hall, San Francisco, CA, 26th November 1980 [I.D.S.I.D. Remaster] 

CDR fr dec60blue @ iOffer (says CDR's copied direct from silver CDs) 
My CDR > EAC > FLAC > WAV [Remastering] > TLH > FLAC [Level 8] 

01 - Israel [Fades In] 
02 - Clockface 
03 - Hong Kong Garden 
04 - "Are You Sure You Can Hear Us?" 
05 - Skin 
06 - "Less 400hz On The Bass Drum" / "Stop Throwing Shit On Stage" 
07 - Pulled To Bits 
08 - Metal Postcard 
09 - Tenant 
10 - "Blows Kisses Or He'll Go Off" 
11 - Christine 
12 - "Stop Fighting, There Not Here To See The Group" 
13 - Red Over White 
14 - Trophy 
15 - Voodoo Dolly 
16 - "Try Something Original Not Spitting, Stand On Your Head!!" 
17 - Happy House 
18 - "Tell Us When The Hours Up, In A Hurry To Go" 
19 - Switch 
20 - Encore Break 
21 - Paradise Place 

Remaster Notes:
This is a great soundboard of the early banshee's. It had a few issues: 
Early on the band had monitor problems: 
After HKG Siouxsie asks if the audience can hear them, because she can't. 
Then states that jet lag can't be that bad! 
After "skin: a request goes out to the soundman:"less 400hz on the bass drum", to add insult to injury the next sentence asks the crowd to stop throwing "shit" on the stage. 
They carry on even near the end after HH comes: "tell us when the hours up, we're in a hurry to go!!" 

The whole gig is bass heavy at the expense of the guitars & vocals mainly, but also the drums needed livening up. Took a far bit of work to get the bass under control. Then to bring the drums & guitars up. The songs had a "swoosh" noise to them. Now I know they use flanger/phaser & chorus pedals but this wasn't that, I think it was a tape problem mainly, think I just about cured it. Mostly gone from the guitars, some remains on the hi hat & cymbals, but not to bad. Once all that was done I then needed to boost the vocals up, sound sweet now. I retracked the show completely adding additional tracks. The only thing that remains an issue is the tape hiss. To get it how it is I had to push the files quite hard, the price creating hiss with it. It has noise reduction applied believe it or not, it can all be removed but the "sonic" price is way to high [I.M.O.]. It is mostly only an issue during the between song sections, the music is pretty much okay. Anyway... Think this is a great listen now, more balanced & open than before. If you like early banshee's grab this now, you lucky people! 

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