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Jackson Browne - 1966-1967 - The Nina Demo (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

Jackson Browne
"The Nina Demo"
Unreleased demo recording from 1967
Upgrade and speed corrected

From" Unreleased Nina Music Demo" Recording, 1967 (2-LP Set)

CDR mail trade> EAC (secure)> flac frontend (level 8, aligned and verified)

Disc 1
01. Holding (Browne)
02. Somewhere There's A Feather (Browne)
03. I've Been Out Walking (Browne)
04. Funny You Should Ask (Browne)
05. Love Me, Lovely (Browne)
06. You've Forgotten (Browne)
07. Someday Morning (Browne)
08. Cast Off All My Fears (Browne)
09. In My Time (Browne)
10. Melissa (Browne)
11. It's Been Raining Here In Long Beach (Browne)
12. You'll Get It In The Mail Today (Browne)
13. Shadow Dream Song (Browne)
14. The Light From Your Smile (Browne)
15. Gotta See A Man About A Daydream (Jackson Browne & Greg Copeland)

Disc 2
16. Time Travel Fantasy (Jackson Browne & Pamela Polland)
17. The Fairest Of The Seasons (Jackson Browne & Greg Copeland)
18. Sing My Songs To Me (Browne)
19. Lavender Windows (Browne)
20. The Painter (Browne)
21. Fourth And Main (Browne)
22. Bound For Colorado (Browne)
23. We Can Be (Browne)
24. And I See (Browne)
25. Ah, But Sometimes (Browne)
26. Marianne (Browne)
27. Tumble Down (Browne)
28. You Didn't Need A Cloud (Browne)
29. Lavender Bassman (Browne)
30. She's A Flying Thing (Browne) 

In February 1967, Jackson Browne stepped into the studio to make some demos of his songs for Nina Music. The idea was to showcase Jackson's songs to various artists on the Elektra roster.
For some reason, Nina Music pressed thirty of Jackson's songs -- along with ten of Steven Noonan's songs -- onto two LPs. Actually only about 2/3 of the songs were from the 1967 recording session at Jaycino Studio in New York. The rest were from a Columbia session from the prior year.)

The "Nina Demo" has become somewhat legendary and infamous among Jackson's fans as his first "unreleased" album, but it never was intended to be an album release (much less an album); it was merely Jackson Browne and his guitar making some 2-track tapes in his role as a staff writer for Nina Music.

This is from the text file only. The music here is well documented, it took me a few minutes to realize that the source was actually vinyl as opposed to acetate, great transfer, bop reduction, etc... Very warm and anaolg sounding. 

I took a few tracks and watched the SG's for a few minutes and they are very interesting, seemingly perfect, low, but I prefer to amplify my music using a separate(HiFi) component anyway.

I'd have to say that this is close to the acetate and not bad. Not an A by our standards, but in the upper B level quality. Very low noise, flat response, very transparent, stereo. This is great when you are in the perfect mood ;)

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