mercoledì 18 settembre 2019

Kraan - 1973 - The Lost Tape II (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

"WINTRUP" - tour

SBD recording in a superb quality

retracked by FBAUER in 2013
checked for losslessness w/ TLH
sound sample provided in comments section

Hellmut Hattler - bass, voc

Peter Wolbrandt - guitar, voc
Jan 'Fride' Wolbrandt - drums
Johannes "Alto" Pappert - alt.sax

01. Head (incl. drum solo) 31:20
02. (tuning) 1:47
03. Kraan Arabia 19:14
04. Airbass (bass solo) 4:39

total time 57:03 min.

the story behind

this jewel came by trade with ROLFS. it was labelled as "Kraan Bootleg 72/73".after a lot of investigations and discussions inside the Kraanickel community we say it must have happened somewhen between jan and jun 1973. 'Wintrup' was recorded in december 1972 and released in july 1973. Thanks a thousand times to ROLFS.

4 commenti:

  1. Thanks a lot for these two priceless gems. So perfect and then so unknown until now.

  2. Early Kraan is fantastic, thanks Edge!

  3. Same Anon as earlier..through a couple listens (easy with this gem) I can confirm that track 1 is a very extended version of the 2:03 "Sarah auf der Gänswies'" from their first LP and not "M.C. Escher" as listed. Also track 4, labeled "Airbass", is the continuation of track 4 (the LP track "Kraan Arabia" also has the bass solo). Cheers!