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Frank Zappa - 1980-11-10 - Richfield, OH (SBD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Soundboard FLAC)

1980 11 10 Richfield Coliseum, Richfield, OH SBD 62.40 (billyschools-Yojimbo-pbuzby-S~CA) 

source 1: unknown gen SBD -> Sony TC-WE475 -> REALTEC AC-97 -> Goldwave (recording, speed correction) -> EAC (appending) -> CDWav (tracking) -> FLAC 8 -> FLAC 
tape collected by: billyschools 
transfer by: pbuzby 

source 2: unknown gen SBD ->Denon DRM-800A-> Creative SB Live!-> SoundForge-> FLAC Frontend level 7 
transfer by: Yojimbo 

source 3: unknown gen AUD (second or third generation?) -> CDR trade -> rip to AIFF with iTunes -> FLAC with xACT 
seeded by: CheepnisAroma 

all sources edit by: pbuzby 
speed hints: flambay 

01 Flakes (cuts in) 
02 Magic Fingers 
03 Stick It Out 
04 Cosmik Debris 
05 Keep It Greasey 
06 Tinseltown Rebellion 
07 Dead Girls Of London 
08 Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously 
09 City Of Tiny Lights 
09A City Of Tiny Lights (patched with source 3 5:16-6:01) 
10 I Ain't Got No Heart 
11 The Torture Never Stops (w/Heavy Duty Judy) (switch to source 2 at 8:35, repeated section edited out at 12:34) 
12 Broken Hearts Are For Assholes (switch back to source 1 at 3:05) 
13 I'm So Cute (cuts off)

Total time 63.19

This tape mostly features exactly the wrong selection of songs to be preserved on a SBD, but it's worth the download for yet another 20+ minute fall '80 Torture, including the first sighting of Heavy Duty Judy.

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