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Wilco - 1994-11-17 - St. Louis, MO (SBD/FLAC) The very first live concert

(Soundboard FLAC)

St. Louis, MO
November 17, 1994

Source: Soundboard
Conversion: Cassette (unknown generation) > Audition 1.0 > CDWave (for track splits) > FLAC

Disc One
1) I Must Be High (cut in)
2) Too Far Apart
3) Box Full of Letters
4) Should Have Been In Love
5) New Madrid
6) That's Not the Issue
7) Pick Up the Change
8) The Long Cut
9) Walk Where He Walked
10) Shouldn't Be
11) That's Alright

Disc Two
1) Give Back the Key to My Heart
2) Wait Up
3) No Sense Lovin
4) Lost love
5) Passenger Side
6) Casino Queen
7) Reincarnation
8) We've Been Had
9) Let's Hear It For Rock N Roll
10) Outta Mind Outta Sight
11) Listen To Her Heart

Notes: First live Wilco show! Yes, this is a SBD, but don't expect a whole lot in the way of fidelity. The mix is bad and there's a ton of amp buzz. All the same, how much fuss can be made when it's an actual recording of the first Wilco gig ever!

Here is Wilco's very first live concert - at Cicero's, the site of many Uncle Tupelo gigs, just a little more than six months after that band's demise. The setlist is a mix of songs from the eventually-to-be-released A.M., UT songs, and covers.

I got this from the invaluable Owl and Bear archive. As the person who originally converted this show from a traded tape (bless him/her) notes below, even though this is a SBD recording, it's sonically mediocre, with a skewed mix and some audible hum. But it's certainly listenable and given its historical value, I figured more than a few people would be interested.

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