Saturday, May 6, 2017

New Order - 1985-05-01 - Tokyo, JP (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

New Order 
Kosei Nekin Kaiken Hall 
Tokyo, Japan 

CD-R (unknown gen) - EAC (secure mode) - wav - Cool Edit Pro (completely redone track separation & fixed internal cut in the intro to 'Thieves Like Us') - Flac Frontend (level 8) - FLAC 

Taped by: ? 

Transfered by: GaoBest /lammah 

01. Intro 
02. In A Lonely Place 
03. Subculture 
04. This Time Of Night 
05. Denial 
06. Your Silent Face 
07. Leave Me Alone 
08. The Village 
09. 586 
10. Thieves Like Us 
11. Face Up 
12. Age Of Consent 
13. Perfect Kiss 
14. (announcer) 
15. Ceremony

This is the first of two consecutive nights that NO played at the Kosei Nenkin Hall Tokyo. The second night was filmed and released in part on the Factory/Ikon video, Pumped Full of Drugs, the soundtrack of which is currently being torrented elsewhere on STG. A complete soundboard recording also circulates, and will be torrented later this week. The first night was broadcast on Japanese radio, and this is a complete off-air recording of that. It starts with a Japanese announcer, who spoils the intro to 'In A Lonely Place' and makes an unwelcome reappearance before and during Ceremony; the latter track is, furthermore, faded out, probably because the radio show was running out of time. Apart from that, this is a great recording. As was the band's wont at the time, the setlist of the two nights were radically different, with only 5 tracks common to both shows. 'This Time Of Night' has a really nice bass prelude; the rest you should hear for yourself (or else, go read Sam's notes at - not directly accessible from the NO Gigography). 

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