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Journey - 1979-05-08 - Denver, CO (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Silver CD (later grabbed by the Gypsy Eye and/or UNCLE label) > digital_journey > CD-R copy (me) > EAC (Secure) > Trader's Little Helper (for md5 and ffp file creation, for testing lossiness and for SBE's...neither found, for encoding to FLAC 6, and for torrent files creation and verifications > you

Artist: Journey
Date: May 8th, 1979
Location: Denver, Colorado
Venue: Rainbow Theatre
Source: SB (poss SB/FM)
Format: FLAC
CD's: 1
Artwork: Yes/No (I have it but cannot find it)
Label: Unknown
Title: Mile High
Size: 379 MB

01. KEZY intro/announcements
02. On A Saturday Night
03. When You're Alone (It Ain't Easy)
04. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
05. City Of The Angels
06. Do You Recall
07. Lady Luck
08. Just The Same Way
09. Lovin' You Is Easy
10. Wheel In The Sky
11. Patiently
12. Opened The Door

This is an excellent recording of the first of two nights in a row of Journey playing at "The Rainbow" (Rainbow Theatre) in Denver during their 1979 Evolution tour. I've been told this is a soundboard and not an FM broadcast recording, however; I do not know for sure. I'm thinking this may be a soundboard recording from the radio station tape itself possibly? The shows were broadcast live on Denver's KEZY FM, and even though this doesn't seem to be the complete show, it is great and it may be complete. This was a Tuesday night and not normally a big concert going night across America. The second night, or Wednesday night, is a more complete show (may even be complete) and I'll be uploading it too.

Over a decade ago, my friend, "digital_journey", got these two Denver concerts directly from a guy in Denver that had a treasure trove of Journey materials, shows, and master/master copies of videos and music alike that he was getting rid of. They were professionally made too. I saw things on this guy's site that I have never seen since and have been looking for since too. He had some concert footage that was professionally shot from Journey's 1981-11-07 Dallas show (a show that still has never surfaced at all) as well as a lot of the master material such as interviews with the band from a Dallas local TV news personality that were aired on KXAS TV in Dallas. This is just a small example of the vast material he had and he seemed to "be in the loop" better than anyone I've ever known when it came to uncirculated Journey material. We could've got his whole collection for $200 because he was getting rid of his collection he said. Looking back, I can kick myself in the rear for not selling whatever I needed to and buying what he had. I just didn't have the money because, once again, this was right after my eye surgeries and I was without work, money, and vision then. However, my buddy did buy a few items from him and these two shows I'll be uploading from Denver 1979 were two of the items he got.

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