sabato 31 agosto 2019

Santana - 1971-05-02 - Montreux, CH (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)


Carlos Santana (g/perc/vo) 
Coke Escovedo (perc) 
David Brown (b) 
Michael Carabello (perc) 
Jose "Chepito" Areas (perc) 
Neal Schon (g) 
Gregg Rolie (kbd/vo) 
Michael Shrieve (ds) 

01 - Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen 
02 - Incident At Neshabur 
03 - Persuassion 
04 - Soul Sacrifice 
05 - Gumbo 
06 - Instrumental Jam 
07 - Waiting 
08 - Incident At Neshabur 
09 - Taboo 
10 - Jungle Strut 
11 - Toussaint L'Overture 
12 - Evil Ways 
13 - Samba Pa Ti 
14 - Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen 

This is from the liberated boot "Live in Montreux, Summer 1971". Based on the information I had, this was mistakenly torrented a few days ago as Montreux 1971-05-02 soundboard with track 10 omitted as having been officially released. After that torrent received several comments to teh contrary, I did some more research and found alternative documentation on a blog that fits with these comments and seems more likely. It appears this bootleg is a combination of performances from Montreux in 1970 (tracks 1-6) and 1971 (tracks 7-14), hence BMW/GQ and Neshabur are repeated. This also matches with the set lists in Santanamigos and you can hear a slight change in the recording between tracks 6 and 7. 

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