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Rory Gallagher - 1978-11-20 - Cleveland, OH (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

The Agora Theater

Master reels> Professionally transferred (unknown process and equipment)> cd> eac> wavemerge> cdwave> tlh ( lvl 8 )

Rory Gallagher: Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Gerry McAvoy: Bass
Ted McKenna: Drums

Disc 1
01 Shin Kicker
02 Do You Read Me
03 Bought and Sold
04 I Wonder Who
05 Shadow Play
06 Secret Agent
07 Mississippi Sheiks
08 A Million Miles Away
09 Tatoo'd Lady

Disc 2
01 Cruise On Out
02 I Could have had Religion
03 Bullfrog Blues
04 Messing With The Kid > I Take What I Want

Notes by the trader/uploader:
The only editing performed after source procurement was retracking of the songs and the deletion silent tracks and some flawed tuning. There is a slight hum present in parts this recording. It is really only noticeable on the quietest portions of the show (between songs, tuning ect). Two tracks are missing from this recording after 08. Etree has OOTWP and Too Much Alcohol listed as being played at this show. I assume these are the acoustic songs Rory was talking about at the end of 08. There was a small section of dead air where thes songs should have been after 08 that I deleted. There was a cut in the between song tuning after 09. When the music picked back up, there was some severely flawed tuning prior to the start of 01. I removed the flawed tuning. It really added nothing to the recording and is much more pleasant to the ears without it. There was a severe flaw in the tuning on 03. This was omitted. Source provided by mightyfox (mighty fox's pick # 2) Tracked, flaced, minor editing, and text creation by bgreen.

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