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Marillion - 1991-11-11 - Genova, IT (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Absolutely live 

Teatro Genovese


TV pro shot video (1st gen)

74 minutes


Yes, every song

VHS original tape > JVC videorecorder > Philips HDrecorder > DVD RW > AVS DVD Authoring >Dime

01 - Program Intro
02 - Lords of the Backstage
03 - Blind Curve
04 - Holidays in Eden
05 - Easter
06 - No One Can
07 - The Space
08 - Hooks in You
09 - Uninvited Guest
10 - Slainte Mhath
11 - King of Sunset Town
12 - Waying to Happen
13 - Cover my Eyes
14 - Kayleigh
15 - Incommunicado

This is a concert broadcasted on superchannel in 1993. The program was called "Absolutely live" and it was broadcasted in 2 parts, but I re-authored to one complete show. Thats why the track selection is maybe diffent than the original setlist from that evening. Its a show from there "Holidays in eden" tour. Its a very good show, its only a pity that the audio is in mono (they didn't broadcast it in stereo) Sometimes the audio is a little bit dull, but most of the time its good. The picture quality is what a pro shot show should be: good. I did transfer the tape to a HD DVD recorder what almost went wrong. I almost lost the tape when a took the tape out of my videorecorder. It got stuck but a managed to get it out safe with little harm done. On two songs you can see the damage (Cover my eyes and Incommunicado) but it does not disturb the watching of the DVD.

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