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Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - 1995-05-01 - Milwaukee, WI (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant
Bradley Center
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Soundboard recording - "Milwaukee, Talk To Us!" (Runar Valley Suprise Disc)

Pressed DVD -> ImToo DVD Audio Ripper -> wave -> Tracksplit with Cool Edit Pro 2.0 -> Flac frontend -> flac

Disc one (76:32):
(1) Tales of Bron intro (1:47)
(2) The Wanton Song (3:42)
(3) Bring It On Home (1:28)
(4) Ramble On (4:53)
(5) Thank You (7:12)
(6) Shake My Tree (8:17)
(7) Lullaby (7:09)
(8) No Quarter (4:28)
(9) Gallows Pole (4:46)
(10) Hurdy Gurdy Solo (3:36) =>
(11) When The Levee Breaks (3:37)
(12) Hey Hey What Can I Do (4:51)
(13) The Song Remains The Same (6:49)
(14) Since I've Been Loving You (9:23)
(15) Friends (4:28)

Disc two (75:45):
(1) Calling to You Medley (12:06)
(2) Four Sticks (5:21)
(3) In The Evening (10:57)
(4) Black Dog (5:57)
(5) Kashmir (17:26)
(6) Ramble On (6:54) *
(7) Hey Hey What Can I Do (3:41) *
(8) Four Sticks (4:42) *
(9) In The Evening (8:39) *

* filler from The Palace, Auburn Hills, Mi. 3/31/95

Info file, artwork, and Md5 signature file are included.

There aren't many bootlegs on my iPod, but this is one of them. This is a soundboard recording of Page & Plant somewhat early in their "No Quarter" 1995-1996 tour; and though this is more or less an average performance, the sound quality is really good. It's somewhat of a rarity in that the DVD has lossless audio -- when I seeded this in 2006 it was initially banned by the mods, but upon examination of the FA and SA, it was determined to be acceptable on Dime.

For the first leg of the tour, Page and Plant took a conservative approach, probably because of concerns that Jimmy wouldn't be up to the rigors of touring. They had a second guitarist handling many of the leads (Porl Thompson, from the Cure -- hence the Cure cover on D1t7) and the setlist was more or less stagnant from night to night. As the tour progressed and Jimmy became more comfortable, the setlist began to expand a bit and the band felt that Jimmy could handle the task of all of the lead guitar parts, so Thompson was dropped from the final couple of legs of the tour. This show captures a fairly early representation of the "Unledded" concept.

That said, the performance is very solid throughout; miles better than the sloppy first night in Chicago three nights before, but not quite up to the sublime heights of the second night. One standout moment here is the fiery performance of "Since I've Been Loving You" -- I remember sitting side-stage with my jaw on the floor because of the great interplay between Robert and Jimmy, and Jimmy's solo took the song to new heights ... on this recording, it sounds just as great. You'd think you were listening to a Zeppelin show from 1975 instead of a Page/Plant 1995 concert.

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