sabato 9 marzo 2013

The Who - 2012-12-05 - New York, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Venue: Madison Square Garden


CA-14 omni-directional mics -> CA-9100 pre-amp -> 6" custom GAKables mini star quad cable -> Sony PCMM10 (Line In)


Sandisk 16GB Class 4 micro mobile ultra, 24bit 96kHz -> HDD

Audio Software:

iZotope RX II Advanced (9.27 dB gain, SRC, MBIT+) -> WAV 16bit 44.1kHz -> CDWAV (tracking) -> TLH -> Flac level 8

Recorded and transferred by Drgiggles1

Recorded from the 18th row section 208 (Pete's side).

01 I Am the Sea
02 The Real Me
03 Quadrophenia
04 Cut My Hair
05 The Punk and the Godfather
06 I'm One
07 The Dirty Jobs
08 Helpless Dancer
09 Is It in My Head?
10 I've Had Enough
11 5:15
12 Sea and Sand
13 Drowned
14 Bell Boy
15 Doctor Jimmy
16 The Rock
17 Love, Reign O'er Me
18 Band Intros
19 Who Are You
20 Behind Blue Eyes
21 Pinball Wizard
22 Baba O'Riley
23 Won't Get Fooled Again
24 Crowd / Talk
25 Tea & Theatre

Total Time: 137:32.46 as per shntool

Special Notes: The location was decent with a wall behind us so no crowd behind us. i was able to stand for the entire show facing the stage. The bad part was we were the 3rd and 4th seats from the aisle and seats 5-8 were beer runners and our side was the only way out. You will hear them about 3 times during the show plus during Tea & Theatre they knew it was the end so in the middle of it the group gets up and chats on the way past me while exiting out. The kicker is about 43-44 minutes into the show one of the group stumbles right into my rig which was on my person. This caused a one channel drop out that will last for about 42 1/2 minutes until they bumped into me again actually straightening out the issue. To fix the 42 1/2 minutes I copy / pasted over the bad channel with the good channel. It's still very good though. This affected I've Had Enough to the end of Doctor Jimmy. Do I like this new MSG configuration after their so called upgrades ? I would have to say not. I truly prefer the old school Garden. It was a great evening regardless. The band was feeling it and so was the audience. Roger did take a fall during I think it was Baba O'Riley while dancing around the stage but bounced right back up without missing a beat.

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