giovedì 31 gennaio 2019

The Pixies - 1989-05-19 - Athens, Greece (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

The Rodon Club

Size: 4.33 GB approx

01. Into the White
02. Wave of Mutilation
03. Debaser
04. Dead
05. Cactus
06. There Goes My Gun
07. No. 13 Baby
08. Isla de Encanta
09. Hey
10. Crackity Jones
11. I Bleed 12. Caribou
13. Where Is My Mind?
14. Nimrod's Son
15. Vamos
16. Gouge Away
17. Tame
18. Tony's Theme
19. In Heaven

Length: 63 mins approx

I got this as a CDR in a trade. It is a professional capture , possibly for a TV station, but I can see no mention of it being commerically available. Probably just past their peak, this performance is still electrifying. I could have done with "Bone Machine" instead of something like "Crackity Jones", but nothing is ever perfect is it? Talking of which, the picture is pretty good, but not excellent. Taken from a Video tape a generation or two down the line I think.

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  1. Hi, and thank so much 4 this. Downloading this vid, U noticed that the file 3 has 333 mb only, while the rest of the files have 512 mb. Is that correct?, I'm afraid that is not, cos' can't unrar the complete show. Could you please fix it? Thx in advance. Gustavo.