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Rush - 1991-12-07 - New York City, NY (SBD/SHN)

(Soundboard SHN)

"Big Money Meets the Big Apple"

Catalog: Watch Tower (WT 2002079/80)

Location: Madison Square Gardens, New York, NY

SHN lineage: 
Watch Tower silver CD > CDR > EAC > CDWav > SHN (mkW). There were small, but noticable errors on the WT release which I removed before the .WAV > .SHN process.

Disc One
01. Intro
02. Force Ten
03. Limelight
04. Freewill
05. Distant Early Warning
06. Time Stand Still
07. Dreamline
08. Bravado
09. Roll The Bones
10. Show Don’t Tell
11. The Big Money

Disc Two
01. Ghost Of A Chance
02. Subdivisions
03. The Pass
04. Where’s My Thing?
05. The Rhythm Method
06. Closer To The Heart
07. Xanadu
08. Superconductor
09. Tom Sawyer

Comments and Reviews:
Third installment of Rush bootlegs from Watchtower and it's a great one. Sound is fantastic with crisp highs and a nice punchy midrange presence. In July '02, Digital Reproductions released its version of this show, but from a higher (and unverified) generation source in comparison to the one used by WT. It's been rumored that WT shows are sourced from someone very close to Rush, but who knows whether these rumors are true or not. This show is from the 2nd night at the MSG (as Geddy states) and it's a good one with only few minor hiccups by Alex. The ONLY drawback to this wonderful source is the entire Encore is missing. DR's "Garden Road" represents the full show, although the sound quality is slightly lower than this source. This is a great addition to anyone's list.

Audio discs derived from the SHN discs will not have the same track times as the WT discs since the discs were indexed at different points. Also, I tracked the intro to Force Ten separately since it was over 1:30 in length. This will cause the tracks to non-coincide with the artworks.

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